Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Those Pearly Whites!

Here's the debut of Johnathan's pearly whites. Aren't they cute! I thought I couldn't be any more in love with his smile when he had those beautiful gummy-grins...and then came these cute little teefies! Now I know that my love for this little guy's smile is only going to grow.

Laughing at his goofy Mommy!
Gooey little mess!
Reaching out for Dada...he LOVES his daddy!
Cute Chubby-Bubby!


Amy said...

Too sweet, those teething biscuits sure are messy!

KellyW said...

What a cutie-pie!!

Aldape family said...

I love his little pearly whites! (Go figure!) I need to see him again soon. He is changing too fast. I was looking at the calendar the other day...and oh my goodness he will be one soon!
Have a great day!
Kayla ( Tia )
PS Thanks for Ava's sweet Valentine! How thoughtful. And yes Johnathan, Ava will be your Valentine.