Thursday, August 29, 2013

Making Brownies with my Lil' Brownies!

I am trying hard to get some extra memory-making times in with just my boys before Baby Sister arrives.  So yesterday, when the chocolate craving hit, I thought what better way to fix it than with some quality brownie making time with my two favorite lil' brown baby boys!  They both put on their "cookie makers"...Eli's name for aprons (so cute, right?!)...and we got down to business.  And what brownie making time is complete without licking the bowl and having fun getting just a little bit messy?!!  So here are my two lil' dudes, having fun with mommy and each other, and enjoying every second of our brownie making afternoon!   


Monday, August 26, 2013

The Baby Belly

I thought it would be fun to share one pic of my actual belly...usually I like to keep it a bit covered up, but I do want to remember what my sweet little baby girl made my stomach look like...especially if this might be our last baby, *sniff, sniff*.  So here we are, at 35 weeks and 1 day.   

And here is some photography by Johnathan done at 35 weeks...he got such a kick out of that shirt...LET ME OUT...not quite yet, little sister!  


Showered with Love

This past Saturday my Grandma and two of my sweet sisters hosted a baby shower for me and Sister!  And goodness, did Baby Sister get showered with love...and gifts!  :-)  We had a wonderful time, thinking ahead to her birth and what she'll be like, and feeling thankful that for now she's staying put and growing like she should.  At the end of the shower everyone gathered around me to pray over Baby Girl and our family.  It was really special and my favorite part of the shower.  Thank you so much, Grandma, Gaily and Glenna for hosting such a memorable baby shower!

The lovely hostesses!

4 generations!

 Cousin baby bumps!  

 My precious sisters. 

 The grandmothers and great-grandmothers!

 Sweet ladies. 

The aftermath, back at much PINK!!!  :-)

It sure was a fun day!  And we feel so blessed by all the love shown to our sweet, baby girl!


Takin' it Easy

Last Thursday at my weekly doctors appointment my blood pressure spiked.  It was nothing like it has been before with the boys at the end of my pregnancies with them, but still it was pretty elevated.  So, I'm under orders to take it easy...which is hard to do when I like to keep a clean, tidy house and have two adorable, although rambunctious, boys!  So, I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and put all my boys' energy into getting our house in shape! Luckily for me they LOVE to help if I make it fun, so I picked out a couple of chores I thought they would enjoy doing and put my little dudes to work!  Here are a few pics I captured of my boys in action! 

Johnathan loves to mop because my mop has a squirt handle on it, and he loves watching all the floor cleaner spray's sort of like a water gun that gets things clean!

Eli may be little, but he is mighty!  He always enjoy turning on the vacuum for me so I thought he might enjoy trying to use it...and wouldn't you know that little dude vacuumed the whole school room!  He likes seeing the vacuum suck stuff up into the canister where it all spins around!  What a helper!

And here I am, kicking back!

Stay put a little bit longer, Baby Sister!  We love you and can't wait for your birth!