Friday, October 30, 2009

Check This Out!

I am so excited about today, because today is the day that I (through my other blog, Ruby Moon Designs) am featured on a wonderful blog called Mustard Seed Creations for Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday! In the home decor blog world, this blog is a big deal! Miss Mustard Seed approached me a couple of weeks back about becoming a giveaway sponsor, and let me tell you I jumped at the opportunity! So, if you want to check out and see all the sweet things that Miss Mustard Seed said about me & Ruby Moon Designs, then check out THIS link and then come back here and let me know what you think! Pretty cool, huh?!!!

*Don't forget to see today's Proverbs 31 Woman Challenge, which you can view by going here, or just scroll down.*

*AND---Check back soon for pictures of Johnathan enjoying his very first CHILI DOG!!! Yep, he's messy just like his dada!*

Blog Alert! The Proverbs 31 Woman Challenge - Day 6

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Good morning all, and Happy Friday! I have to admit that I am a bit sleepy this morning, but I am still awake before the rest of my household, and I am ready to conquer another set of challenges! And just a side note, if you're finding it hard to complete the challenges on the actual day of, don't you worry. This Proverbs 31 Woman Challenge should be a lifestyle, and there are plenty of days in the future to continue becoming a Woman of Virtue, whose worth is Far Above Rubies!!!

Let's take a look at the challenge verses for today:

She makes tapestry for herself;
Her clothing is fine linen and purple.
Her husband is known in the gates,
When he sits among the elders of the land.
-Proverbs 31:22&23

Now I am no theologian, so this is just my own take on these verses---we need to take care of ourselves, and we need to realize that we play a role in our husbands' success.

I have heard of a lot of women who neglect themselves when the role of being a mommy and wife demands too much of their time, and I admit that I too have fit into this category a few times myself. We can't "let ourselves go" though, and we must find time to properly care for our own bodies. I read up on some different interpretations of this verse, and I like how explains it..."She did not consider it a mark of spirituality to go around looking impoverished, dilapidated, and threadbare." The site went on to comment that though the Proverbs 31 Woman is dressed nicely, she wasn't doing it at her family's expense---she was wise with her money, and she was able to dress that way without putting any strain on her family's "budget." We shouldn't spend money that we don't have, so don't go out and "charge it" just to have a fancy wardrobe. Spend wisely, and you can dress nicely within your means.

As far as verse 23 goes, it seems obvious that the Virtuous Woman plays a direct role in the success and respect of her husband. Many of us may feel like our husband's lead a "double life"---we might not really understand what it is that they do, especially if we've never seen them "in action" at the workplace, and we feel disconnected from their life outside of the home. But, that doesn't mean that we aren't partly responsible for their successes. Providing a safe and inviting home, and a place where your husband feels respected and loved will translate into his feeling confident when he leaves the front door. And there are little ways to bolster his confidence such as leaving a simple note telling him how thankful you are for all his hard work for the family, how proud you are of the job that he's done and how blessed you are to have him for your life's mate! I am always confident in my man, and I am pretty sure that it makes a difference in how he feels about himself---though he gets a bit bashful when I pour on the thanks too much! Humility is a great quality, as long as it doesn't come from an attitude of being not good enough. Realizing that you have done something that deserves gratitude is not a bad thing!

Okay, that was a lot of rambling, but the challenges will be to the point!

Challenge - Day 6

-Take extra time today to take care of yourself...take an extra long soak in the tub, give your nails a fresh splash of color, dress in a favorite outfit, do your hair, etc. Just do whatever it is that you've rushed through due to the demands ofmommyhood.

-Give your husband the respect that he deserves as the leader of your family. Keep his confidence up, and let him go out into his workplace knowing that he is the king of your heart. A respected husband is a happy husband---and you have no idea what a happy man is capable of---only GREAT things! ;)

Okay folks, that's it for today. Many blessings as you care for yourself and your precious husband!


Me and my happy husband, enjoying a beautiful sunset by the bay.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blog Alert! The Proverbs 31 Woman Challenge - Day 5

*Another post, which, yes you guessed it, can be found here originally!*

Yesterday was another good challenge day, and I got my desk all organized, worked on a neglected project and spent quality time with my sweet boys. I'm not saying that I have things 100% put together around here, there are still dishes in the sink, and somehow the laundry grew into another load needing to be washed, but I am content with the state of my home. There is a lot of love floating around here right now, and if that means that the dishes stay dirty just a little longer, then that's okay with me.

She extends her hand to the poor,

Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy.

She is not afraid of snow for her household,

For all her household is clothed with scarlet. -Proverbs 31:20&21

Sometimes we get so busy in our own little environment that we forget to look out for the needs of those beyond our front door. I agree that our home life and caring for the needs within our family must be our first priority, but it is also good to look beyond ourselves and to see the needs of those around us who may not have the same resources that we do to care for themselves.

We don't get snow around these parts (well, it did snow one time several years back which was a huge phenomenon!) but my family can still be clothed well---and on a tight budget too! You don't have to spend a gazillion dollars for you family to be "clothed with scarlet!" Okay, for today's challenges...

Challenge - Day 5

-Make a point to see if there are any items around your home that aren't getting any use that someone else could be in real need of. Bag whatever you find a make a stop at whatever organization you please that will use your leftovers to help those less fortunate. Several weeks ago I took about 8 big trash bags full of clothes and other items to Goodwill. I had originally planned on doing a garage sale, but that never panned out, and I have to admit that it did feel really good to be able to donate my unused stuff to help people who are trying to get back on their feet, or folks who just can't afford to buy things new---OR to bargain hunters (like me!) who want a good deal! :) There are so many ways that we can help "the poor" and "needy"...monetary donations, donations of time & energy (clean up programs, soup kitchens, etc). Whatever God is prompting you to do, do it! Also, I just received an e-mail from Focus on the Family telling of
this event. I have a heart for these little ones who certainly need someone to stand up for them and reach out and help them. Check out this link for more info.

-Evaluate the clothing needs of your family and make a plan to remedy any wardrobe blanks. And no, it doesn't have to be "scarlet", but it does have to be season appropriate! And you can be smart about where you shop too. Just a couple of weeks ago I went to a local children's resale shop here. I had previously dropped off some stuff to sell to them, and out of a huge laundry basket full of stuff, they decided that they could only use about 12 items! No worries, I just donated the rest. I chose to get store credit for the items that they purchased from me...about 13 bucks...and I decided to do my son's fall clothes shopping right then and there. I came home with a jacket and pant set, the cutest pair of Levi's jeans you've ever seen, and about 6 long sleeve shirts. Combined with a few things I had already bought (on sale!) at a different clothing store, I have my son outfitted for fall/winter for less than 40 bucks! eBay is also a great way to buy kid's clothes---there are a lot of new items too for a fraction of the original (probably overpriced) cost!

Okay, just to break it down a bit more simply---look to how you can help the needy & look at your own family's clothing needs and do something about it! Easy cheesy!

Alrighty, I'm off to continue looking to the needs of my family and those around me! Have a great Thursday, y'all!!!


My son in his cute lil' Levi's and "new" to him shirt! Great outfit for just a few bucks!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blog Alert - The Proverbs 31 Woman Challenge - Day 4

*Another Day, Another Challenge! Original Post Found Here!*

Oh, and don't forget to see the latest pics of everyone's favorite Monkey by clicking here,
or simply scroll down to the previous post!

This whole challenge has really been changing the way that I view my role as a mother & wife. The past few days have been really great, and I have gone about my days with a renewed purpose to be all that I can be (through Christ!) for my family. And, though I've added a few extra tasks, i.e. the challenges, it seems as if my days have been more relaxed, and I have just had so much fun spending quality & quantity time with my son especially. It's pretty interesting---when I am fulfilling my God-given role the way I that I should then he is a much happier child! Hmm, who would have thought?!!

I started reading a book last night called Shepherding a Child's Heart (by Tedd Tripp) and one sentence near the beginning really stood out to me. It said something like in today's culture the notion of
quality time has replaced quantity time. I used to think that quality time was a good substitution for quantity, but if you think about it, would our children enjoy 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time with us, or would a whole day of meaningful interactions make them feel more loved, understood and protected? Not to say that we have to make our days all about our kids, but lately I have tried to stop what I'm doing when my son comes up to me, showing me his latest block creation or wanting to play ball for a bit. And yesterday morning, as I sat on the floor on his level, he snuggled up into my lap for at least 20 minutes or more as he watched his show onTV ---he never sits with me for that long! It just made me realize how much it must mean to him when I get down and see the world from his angle. How many snuggling opportunities have I missed by being too busy to sit on the floor and interact with my child? Anyways, this challenge is teaching me to embrace all that it is to be a mommy and helpmate---there is a lot involved, but the rewards are priceless.

Onto our verses for today...

...She perceives that her merchandise is good,
And her lamp does not go out by night.

She stretches out her hands to the distaff,

And her hand holds the spindle. -Proverbs 31:18 & 19

Many of us know what it is like to stay up into the wee hours of the night, but you can see here that those hours aren't spent being lazy. If you're like me, you have a hard time being idle for any length of time. Sure I like just sitting down and enjoying a good movie now and then, but often I find that it is hard to "waste" my time without being productive in some way---I guess that's a good thing?!!

As far as verse 19 above goes, most of us probably don't spin our own thread and weave our own textiles, but I'm sure that we each have something that we make from scratch. And, just as the distaff (a device used to keepunspun fibers from tangling during the process of making thread) is used to keep things untangled and organized...and I might be going out on a limb here theologically...we need to make an effort to keep our projects and homes organized too! So, onto today's challenge!

Challenge - Day 4

-Evaluate the state of your home, and if necessary keep the lamp oil burning in order to finish up a neglected project. Yes, you need your rest, but the more things you let pile up the harder it will be to get out from under the load! And speaking of loads, I think that I'll finish up the laundry that didn't get done on Monday! ;)

-Organize something &/or make something from scratch! I am going to declutter my craft room (again!) today. Seems as if it is a magnet for stray objects, so back to the drawing board I go to find a way to store things and keep things orderly in the process!

Okay y'all, that's it for today! Spend some quality quantity time with your kiddos (and hubby too!) & have fun making and decluttering! ;)

What my desk looks like without all the clutter on it! You can read about how I originally organized my desk by going here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Johnathan and I had a great day today. We mostly just hung out around the house---horsing around on the floor, playing ball, reading books, and generally enjoying the lovely cool day. After running a few errands, we headed over to see "Arda" (Arden, my sweet cousin and Johnathan's "favorite girl"). He really adores his cousin Arden, and can even say her name. Sometimes he can say the "n" in her name, but mostly it's just Arda! Too cute!

Before we left today, I took a few pics of this little cutie-pa-tootie-booty!

Looks like someone snuck a paci out of his bed! He has three of his current favorite things in this picture: a pacifier, a little red snail and his ball (the ball is an ongoing fave of his!).

What a cute little profile! Isn't this outfit adorable?!! I got it for a few bucks at a children's resale shop here. I almost have him outfitted for the entire fall/winter for probably less than 40 dollars!

Is that not the cutest little heiny ever?!!

Somebody needs another up for taking some snips?!!

His short little legs crack me up! And that head---it's still big! 95th percentile, baby!

Blog Alert! The Proverbs 31 Woman Challenge - Day 3

Here is the challenge for today, which was originally posted here! ;)

Good morning on this very wet (at least here) Challenge Day Three! Yesterday's challenge was, well, a bit challenging for me---and I'm sorry to say that the laundry did not get put up---and one load didn't even get folded! *Tisk, tisk!* Haha! I'm not going to be too hard on myself though because I know that things come up, and sometimes, no matter how good our intentions are to get things accomplished, we often have to make adjustments for the unexpected, which is what I had to do yesterday. I did work with my hands (though not on the pillows like I had planned, but on a giveaway that I will be doing through one extremely talented lady's blog later on this week!). Oh, I did take time to make a healthy and yummy dinner! Two outta three ain't bad!!! ;)

(Edited to Add: I forgot to mention that our faithful pooch got lots of extra lovin' and treats yesterday. I tried to go out of my way to make him feel like an important part of the family---lots of extra pats, a few more plates to "clean" and plenty of crumbs to lick up!)

I'm going to get straight to today's challenge, since I'm up a bit later than normal and will probably hear the sweet cries of my son before long, wanting to eat his breakfast!

She considers a field and buys it;
From her profits she plants a vineyard.
She girds herself with strength,
And strengthens her arms. -Proverbs 31:16 & 17

Challenge - Day 3

I am not considering a big purchase any time soon, but I have realized lately what an impact all my little purchases make overall in our budget. All those little craft materials add up! So, my challenge tasks for today are:

-Look over our budget (and past months expenses) and see where I can be more frugal and where I need to have more discretion. Also, take care of bills that need to be paid (I usually do this on Fridays, but I'll fit it in today to go along with the theme of having some money sense!)

-Work out! There are many forms of working out, and you don't have to be a gym member in order to be fit. I enjoy walking with my son, and believe me, pushing that big ol' stroller in the high winds that we usually have around here is a workout! Plus I get to spend some quality time with him outdoors, which we both love. It's important to stay in shape as mommies. We need it ourselves, our children need to have a mom with enough energy to care for them---and I'm guessing that our husbands won't complain if we're doing what we can to stay tight and trim! ;)

Okay, well that's it for today. Spend Wise. Stay Strong!

Going for a walk with a few extra pounds to carry around - the precious baby boy which are the cute pounds, and the baby-weight which I am proud to say is all off now! Yay for walking!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Alert! The Proverbs 31 Woman Challenge - Day 2

*I thought I would just copy and paste today's challenge post here for easy access! Please let me know if you're joining in! And thanks to those of you who have!*

(Original post can be found here)

I woke up early this morning, and of course one of my first thoughts was the "challenge", wondering what today's goals would be as I strive to live up to the standards that God has set before me. Well, would you just look at the challenge verses for today:

She seeks wool and flax,
And willingly works with her hands.
She is like the merchant ships,
She brings her food from afar.
She also rises while it is yet night,
And provides food for her household,
And a portion for her maidservants.
-Proverbs 31:13-15

I am already on top of things by rising early! Woohoo---now for the providing food part and working with my hands! ;)

I can remember reading these verses in days past and thinking to myself, well, most of these things sound pretty good...but rising while it is still night...I don't think so! But the fact is, the last few weeks I have been getting up quite early (for me), usually around 6:30 or a bit before that, and I love it! I don't know if I'm turning into a morning person or not, but I am enjoying being awake while the house is quiet, the world still sleeping around me, and I can have time to collect my thoughts and sort of plan my day. It's wonderful! Enough of that though, let's get onto the challenge!

Challenge - Day 2

-Find a project that needs to be finished (or started and worked on) that involves working with your hands. I personally have been wanting to make a couple of pillows to add to our living room, and have been putting it off for a week or more. So I will start with those! I also have a couple of loads of laundry that need folding, and seeing that I'll be working with my hands to get that done I'll tackle that first! Yes, laundry counts!

-Plan a thoughtful meal that your whole family will enjoy. Some days I concentrate too much on my own little projects around the house that I tend to rush meal prep time, and the food comes out so-so. Today I want to take time to put a little more effort into preparing meal that's healthy for my family and that tastes great too!

-Most of us don't have servants, but a lot of us have "furry friends" who help us around the house, no questions asked, and would like nothing more than some pats on the head and scratches behind the ears. Our dog, BoBo, will have to be the stand-in for the "maidservants"---he is actually quite handy around the house---he will clean the dishes for me (provided that they're caked with yummy leftovers to lick clean), he is a wonderful crumb-off-of-the-floor remover, and he protects us better than any security system. So, if you have a "servant" who doesn't require wages, take time today to provide a little extra treat for them and give some extra pats and scratches!

Challenge Day 2 is already off to a good start here---I have plenty of time to begin thinking on meal menu ideas, and might even start getting that laundry done---okay, maybe not quite yet, but it will get folded and put up---today!

*Oh, quick re-cap of yesterday: I made my hubby some yummy pancakes and bacon for breakfast...he was very excited about that!...and I tried to go out of my way to make him feel loved and respected. I also tried to stop what I was doing when he would ask me a question or talk to me so that I could concentrate on what he was saying. All in all it was a pretty good challenge day, and I will continue to work on the "challenges" in the days/weeks/months/years to come!*

Our faithful family pooch, BoBo!

Happy Challenge Day 2!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blog Alert - Proverbs 31 Woman Challenge

If you ladies are interested in joining in my Proverbs 31 Woman Challenge, please visit my other blog by going here. This challenge is centered around becoming like the woman written about in Proverbs 31:10-31. It's all about loving our husbands, taking care of our children and home, using the creative abilities that God has gifted us with and loving the Lord & striving to be a woman of character. If you join me, please let me know by leaving me a comment! Let's make the next 10 days great by living up to the virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lazy Boy

Most days Johnathan is way too busy to take time to just sit down and relax, but yesterday after waking up from his afternoon nap he was feeling a bit lazy. So here is my little cuteness, enjoying an afternoon all snuggled up on the couch watching Finding Nemo on the computer.

Sweet little Lazy Boy!

What a life, huh?!

He simply LOVES watching movies, precious little couch potato!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkins & Jazz

This past weekend we had a family date to the Texas Jazz Festival which was held in the Heritage Park historical district. It was a lot of fun to be able to walk around outside, among some beautifully restored/preserved quaint old homes, and to listen to the different jazz bands which all had their own unique style. Aaron of course loved the bands with the live trumpet solos the best. I enjoyed the more mellow jazz, the kind with the lovey-dovey lyrics. And Johnathan...well, he enjoyed the pumpkin patch that was right in the thick of it all!

It was a wonderful evening. FAMILY + FREE Outdoor Event = FUN!!! On our way home we drove with the windows open, which is why Johnathan's hair looks all crazy in one of the pics below! I was laughing my head off the entire drive! He kept making funny faces at me, knowing that I was getting a kick out of it!

Watching all the people walking by.

Me and my cutie-pie, enjoying our time outside!

Playing with the big orange "ball"...if it's round, it's a ball to Johnathan!

Having fun with the pumpkin!

3 little pun'kins! The one in the white tee is the cutest by far!


What a precious face!

I love when he does his little arms like this! Precious!

Winding up for the throw!

Crazy Car Hair!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Morning Serenity

It's a bit after 6:30...A.M.-------on a SATURDAY-------and I am awake! My body has been getting up like clockwork at 6:15 on the dot every day this week...and today was no exception. And sure, I probably could have just rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, and most likely it would have worked too, but the allure of waking up when the day was new and while the rest of the house slept in blissful slumber was just too tempting for me to pass up. So here I am, up at "the crack" and enjoying my morning all to myself.

Part of my non-reluctance to rise early this morning probably has a lot to do with the neighborhood garage sale that is going on in my aunt's housing division. I spied the signs last weekend advertising the sale---which apparently is yearly type thing---and I couldn't wait for Saturday, October 17th to come...well, here it is, and I am ready! I have a couple things in mind that I want to hunt for, and hopefully I'll be able to come home with some bargain treasures. And if I do, you can bet that I'll be blogging about it! Haha!

Another reason it was so easy to slip out of bed and come here to the land of blog was the fact that I had a weird, nightmarish sort of dream right before I woke up. It was one of those dreams where you are thinking to yourself...Why did I do this? I need to wake up so I can remind myself NEVER to let this happen! In my dream I had put Johnathan down for a nap and then just left the house to go attend a wedding rehearsal the next block over. After being gone several hours I remembered, oh yeah, I have a kid at my house and it's getting dark...I bet he is awake from his nap and is getting hungry. Then I started panicking in my dream, wondering why I had ever left him and hoping that he was okay. And, since it was a dream (and dreams never make much sense) I got on a riding lawnmower to go drive and get him---but the lawnmower ran out of gas---so I started running to go get my baby. Of course the neighborhood dogs all started running after me, but I didn't care, I just wanted to get home. Then, upon reaching the house, scared and out of breath, I could hear Johnathan screaming inside, frightened by the fact that he had been left alone for so long. And right before I woke up I remember thinking to myself (in dream land) at least he is okay---he is crying, so I know that he's alive. Aren't dreams crazy? Of course I would never EVER leave Johnathan alone for hours on end---not even for minutes---and I really don't need to remind myself to never do that---because, well, I never would! I have very vivid dreams quite frequently, and though I usually enjoy my slumber induced entertainment, I am always happy to wake up to reality---especially when I am acting like a total moron in my dreams!

Well folks, I am off to enjoy my "me" time---which will most likely involve more sips of coffee, perhaps some time perusing through my newest edition of Country Living, and most certainly catching up on my blog reading! Enjoy your Saturday!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


When I was younger...much, much younger...I would carry around my little purse which contained my most prized "smellies!"...which were in fact gum wrappers. Empty of their contents, they still held the scent of what had been previously wrapped in them, and I loved those little bits of sweet smelling paper! I would let other people take a sniff...but not too long, because I didn't want all the smell to get sniffed away, so I would politely ask for them back---or so I'm told!!!

Well, 25 some odd years later and I still LOVE things that smell nice! You can tell I love yummy scents when you walk around my house and behold the vast quantities of candles that I have stashed about our cozy little nest. I just counted, and I have over 40 candles (tealights, votives, pillars and jars) displayed in my home! Dang, I guess I am obsessed with them! Maybe I should light them all at the same time one day and see what happens---I'd probably pass out from scent overload! Haha!

Anyways, my love of "smellies" has been passed on down to Johnathan. I guess he has seen me lighting my candles so often that he now wants in on the action. He asks to hold the candles all the time, and watching him smell them is just too cute. He will say "nan-nul" (his version of candle), and then when I hand him one he does the most precious thing where he scrunches up his nose and sniffs in and out several times, enjoying the wonderful fragrance of the candle. It's pretty cute, and also funny that my "obsession" is that obvious to my 18 month old! Here are some pics of Johnathan enjoying his "smelly!"

This Mulled Cider candle is a favorite of mine (ours!) right now because it evokes all the wonderful things about autumn---which we are just starting to get a taste of down here---although it's still pretty warm in the afternoons!

Johnathan doesn't even wait until he fully awakened before he runs for the "nan-nul"...sleepy little boy!

Look at this precious face! Too adorable!

And here he is ignoring me when I asked him to smell his candle and do his sniffy thing---he just wouldn't do it for the camera...I'm sure that I'll catch him at it sometime though!

Like mommy like son! Enjoy your Thursday, y'all!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mommy Confessions: Edition 1

(Image courtesy of

As we all know, children don't come with an instruction manual, so there is a TON about motherhood that you just learn as you go. That being said, I am starting up a new little series here at Johnathan's Daily Buzz entitled "Mommy Confessions." I figured it would be a fun way to sort of log the funny and/or frustrating experiences & thoughts that I've had as a woman on the road of motherhood. For a lot of you new or not so new mothers, I'm sure that you'll be able to relate, so I am "confessing" to you! Here we go.......

.......I Confess That:

-I sometimes go out in public without taking a shower...and sometimes without a stitch of makeup on! It is just hard to cram all I need to do between nap times, so the shower is usually the first to go! (I do usually get one each day at some point though!)

-I have let my son have a couple of pouches of fruit snacks back to back to keep him happy when we're out and about shopping.

-I have given my son a "no-no" swat on the hand for hitting another kid, and then wondered to myself what kind of mixed message that must be to him...hmm, mommy just told me not to hit, but SHE just "hit" me...I'm confused!

-I have at times (okay, frequently) looked forward to naptime so that I can get some stuff done around the house. Is that bad of me???.......I'm thinking not!

-I sometimes will serve Johnathan a meal that does not include veggies...bad mommy!

-I make burp noises (& real ones!) just to make Johnathan laugh!

-I let Johnathan watch probably at least one of his little DVD's every day...sure does come in handy when I need to prepare a meal.

-I still stick my 18 month old boy in the pack'n'play when I need to run and do something (like go pee!) without him. He hasn't learned to climb out of it yet, so I'm not giving it up until he does!

-I still nurse a child who can actually ask to least he always says please! (We're working on the weaning process though!)

-I have let the dog "kiss" Johnathan's face...and I haven't rushed to clean him up right away.

-I have talked to Johnathan a bit too loudly when I was upset...and I felt just AWFUL about it after and asked him to forgive me even though he has no clue what that is right now.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay, that seems like enough for the first edition of Mommy Confessions. Feel free to comment on some confessions of your own! I can't wait to hear some funny stories from some of y'all!

Trash to Treasure (Blog Hi-jacking from RMD!)

(I wrote this for Ruby Moon Designs...but thought some of y'all might want to read it too!)

I have been inspired by so many wonderful ladies in the blog world that have found amazing treasures while out on thrifting adventures...or they have found them just out of the blue as they're going about daily life. The one thing that I've learned is that you always have to keep an eye open for such trash-to-treasure items. You just never know where you're going to come across an item that can be transformed into something you love. Such as this.......

.......I saw this old wooden window several years ago by someones trash can in the alley........ the time I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I snatched it up anyways.......

.......and it wasn't until recently that I dug it out of my garage and decided to clean it up a bit........

.......and after a little elbow grease and a lot of love, here it is, proudly displayed on my front porch! And I can't imagine not having it, and I am so glad that I didn't care what people thought as I pulled up next to a pile of "garbage" and took it and put it in the trunk of my car!

I probably wouldn't have even thought of grabbing up some old wooden window if my lovely sister-in-law hadn't given me this for Christmas one year. Isn't this is a creative idea?!! I actually scored an identical wooden window to the one on my front porch, and made a photo collage window frame like this for one of my sisters. (Thanks for the idea, Kayla!)


This past weekend while out on a thrifting expedition, I came across this adorable little white chair (beautiful baby boy not included!)........

.......after cleaning it up a bit, it is the perfect spot for my son to read his books. This treasure I had to pay for, but at just $10 I would say that I got a pretty good seeing how much my sweet boy loves it makes it worth each and every penny!

So, all of this to say, you never know where your next treasure is going to be. Maybe in a back alley, sadly discarded like yesterday's news paper, or maybe at a local yard sale, ready to get a new home. One man's trash is truly another man's just have to keep your eyes open to the possibilities of what can be when you love an item that's been forgotten.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bargain Hunting Mission - - - SUCCESS!!!

As I sit here in the coolness of the morning, I am reflecting back on yesterday's adventures, which may not be spectacular in the eyes of some, but to me they were monumental! (I am just excited to show you what I found!!!)

I was the early bird riser yesterday, trying to get a head start on what I had planned for the day---which will be in another post---plus I wanted to work on my giveaway (which you can read about here). Johnathan got up fairly soon after I did, and we started our morning together, full of waffles and grapes! Mid-morning after Aaron had risen, he decided to try to run out a get a fresh hair-cut...but due to a longer than normal wait at the only place he trusts to give him the cut he wants, he came home...but he wasn't empty handed...he had spied a garage sale at a house that we drive by frequently and admire greatly---they always have the most beautiful landscaping! So, as soon as he got back he sent me on a bargain hunting mission---one that I graciously accepted, no questions asked!

I slapped on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and headed off on my mission - heart pounding with excitement and full of expectation! As I rounded the corner by the "target" I saw what I hoped was still for sale---a lovely little white side table---but as I pulled up, ready to run out and snatch up such a sweet little treasure, I saw that someone had already beaten me to it...*sniff, sniff*. I walked up to the sale, and gave everything a quick look and then I moved on into the thick of it. At first I just saw a lot of your typical garage sale type stuff---lots of clothes, shoes, random mugs and nick-nacks---and then I saw it...the cutest little arm chair I'd ever seen, and one that fulfilled my desire to have a little pint-sized spot for Johnathan to sit. Upon closer inspection I could see that it would take a little work to get the chair ready for Johnathan's little heiny to sit in, but I was up to the challenge.

As soon as I got home I took off the cushion covers and threw them in the wash with plenty of stain remover on them---you could tell the chair had been loved by a child who liked cheetos! There were orange cheesy-cheetos stains on the arms and cushions! But nothing like a few stains was going to keep me away from what I knew could be. As the cushion covers washed I set to work on the arms and back on the chair. To my relief almost all the stains came up as I scrubbed and scrubbed. I little elbow grease goes a long way! As soon as the covers dried Aaron and I put them on the chair and then stood back and admired our bargain treasure.

I stuck Johnathan's little chair in a cozy spot by the fireplace. It is the perfect place for reading or for watching his little shows on TV. Here Johnathan is enjoying the bargain that his mommy found for $10!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Friday & Giveaway Day!

Good morning and Happy Friday! Even though I stay at home with Johnathan, and almost every day feels like a Saturday to me, I am always happy when the real weekend rolls around. And this weekend I actually get to spend time with Aaron---he worked pretty much all last weekend---so it is nice when I get to have him home! He is planning on continuing the process to get his medical license this weekend---HE PASSED HIS STEP 3 BOARD EXAM---WOOHOO!!! So I'm sure that we'll be home-bound for most of the weekend, but that is just fine with me! I just like having him around!

After I posted yesterday about our "double boy day", things continued to go well. Lunch time was a bit of a challenge since our one high-chair had to be shared. I fed the baby his bottle before Johnathan woke up from his nap, and then once Baby J. was up I put him in the high chair and had the baby in the pack'n'play with us in the kitchen. As Johnathan ate his "big boy" food I fed his little friend some puffs as he walked around the side of the play pen. Then, once Johnathan was finished, I put the baby in the high chair, put Johnathan in the pack'n'play so that I could keep an eye on him and fed our buddy for the day some baby food. It worked out pretty well juggling the two different meals. And I was even able to sneak in a few bites before they both woke up. So we were all fat and happy after lunch time was over!

Today is a bit of a lazy day around the hive. It's raining here - pretty hard in fact - and J. is currently enjoying a nap to the sound of the downpour. I just finished getting my giveaway ready for Ruby Moon Designs which you can read about here. Before Johnathan went down for his nap I let him have some unbridled fun exploring one of the cabinets in the bathroom. The end result looked like this:

What you don't see are the tubes of lipstick that got totally destroyed and the sweet boy with gooey lotion and red lip stick all over his precious little hands! (And that's only because I forgot to take this pic until after Johnathan was already down for his nap...oh, well!) He had lots of fun getting everything out and rearranging all the items in the drawers inside the cabinet. I just sat on the floor mat and watched him have fun. It's so interesting to see him try to figure things out...and I just loved watching his curiosity.

Well folks, that's all for now. Head over to Ruby Moon Designs if you want a chance to win one of these! Have a great weekend!

Sterling Silver & Tiger's Eye Earrings...with some "mystery" gemstones

Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal & Amazonite Gemstone Sea Glass Inspired Earrings

Vintage Inspired Nursery Rhyme Reversible Infant/Baby Bib

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Double Boy Day Midday Update

Johnathan's buddy came over this morning a little after 8, and he has been the best little guy. After getting over some initial shyness, he started to cruise around and check out all the new toys. Johnathan has been learning what it is like to share his things---and not only his toys, but his mommy too! He definitely has a jealous streak in him, and shed more than a few tears when I had to take care of his little playmate and couldn't pick him up too. I remedied that with extra kisses and hugs when my arms were once again free to love on my own little boy.

So, how is my day with two kiddos going you may wonder??? Well, obviously things are going quite well if I'm able to blog right now! I am sitting in our living room, all the lights are out, blinds closed and I'm watching a peacefully sleeping baby nestled on top of a stack of blankets on the floor---and lo and behold I have another peaceful (bigger) baby sleeping in his crib in his room! Woohoo! Two down at the same time! I am very proud of myself. Of course you moms of 2 or more are probably laughing at me right now...thinking to yourselves "Just wait until you have 2+ all day every day...then we'll see how you're doing!" I know, I know, this is just a quick little glimpse into what will someday be in my future, but I am going to enjoy it and try to learn what I can from it too! ;)

Well, I am going to try to fold a load of laundry while the boys are down. I'll give you a final update later! Ta-ta for now! (TTFN for those of you who watch Winnie the Pooh!)


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

It looks as if my post regarding our new no-night-time-nursing routine was a bit premature...Johnathan is getting a new tooth---a really stubborn one---and the only thing that seems to calm him down at night is me! He has been really cranky lately, hard to put down for naps and at night, and has been generally not himself. I'm blaming it all on the tooth, so hopefully once that little guy comes in we'll be able to resume nursing-free nights, and both mommy and Johnny should be much happier!

Tomorrow I get to experience what it will be like to have two kiddos. I'm babysitting a friend's little boy who is about 11 months old---and also teething! It should be an interesting day, of that I am sure. 2 eating routines, 2 nap schedules, 2 mischievous little boys---and one mommy to make sure the day runs smoothly. I am looking forward to it, although I might take an extra "dose" of caffeine so I can keep up! Haha!

Not much is happening around the hive lately. Our mornings are full of playing duplos, throwing balls and making a general mess of the house by rummaging through the toy box and placing little toy treasures in random places. Our afternoons are much the same - with the occasional outing to break things up, and with the promise of a little down-time when (if) the little bee decides to take his nap. It is getting harder to keep the hive orderly, and I find myself waking earlier than I would normally to get a head start on the day.

Blessings from our hive to yours on this beautiful Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Afternoon at the Country Club

Sunday morning my aunt called us up and invited us to eat brunch with them at the country club---we almost never pass up an opportunity to spend time with my aunt's family---so of course we said yes! I tried to coordinate my outfit with Johnathan...dorky, maybe...but I wanted to look cute alongside my hot little lunch date! Before we left I had Aaron take some pics of us, although as you can tell from the images below Johnathan wasn't exactly in picture-taking mode. You can still see how cute he was though! (Aaron had just come off of a 26 hr. shift, so he decided to stay home and sleep!)

Here we are...Johnathan is making what I call his "cherub" face...
doesn't he look like a little angel?!

And here we are again...this time Johnathan has a total mischievous little boy look on his face!

Chasing after one of his favorite buddies, cousin Kenny and running away from his cousin Arden.
What a precious little baby boy, or should I say big boy! He LOVES to run now!

Looking at a little bitty baby frog that Kenny found---they were everywhere!

Precious boy of mine!