Monday, September 27, 2010

Bragging on Our Boys!

Lately both Johnathan and Eli have been showing us a side of their respective personalities that we haven't seen before. Both of them have us cracking up pretty much from the time they awake until after lights out. They are both too cute, and have such vibrant little personalities!

Some of the moments that make us melt are as follows...

-First thing in the morning, most mornings, Johnathan will run to the fridge and pull it open for "a snack." When I ask him what he wants he'll tap his pointer finger on his chin and say "hmm, let me see" until he picks something out! Too cute!

-Sometimes Johnathan will want us to come look at something that he's done or come play with him. If we're busy and tell him to wait just a minute he'll turn around, put his hands down at his sides, slump his shoulders and walk away saying "I'm sad."...oh my goodness, it's pitiful, and gets us every time! Especially when he adds, "I'm crying" to his sad statement!

-Eli might only be 4 months old, but boy does he have a crazy little personality already! He is starting to grab for everything...and when he gets really excited he screams! He will literally scream out, and it's so funny! He also loves to be tickled, and has the cutest little laugh. I haven't caught it on camera yet, but trust me, it is the most adorable thing!

-Eli {LoVeS} his big brother, seriously, when he sees Johnathan his little face lights up, and he smiles probably the most at him. And Johnathan loves him right back. They are really sweet together, and I can't wait to see them really get to play together when Eli is a bit bigger. Johnathan is already sharing his toys with him...even his coveted I can only imagine that they're are going to have a great time when Eli is old enough to interact more.

In addition to showing us some of their cute personality traits, our little guys are also budding in their learning too. Eli can roll from back to front, and loves to play with the toys that hang over his playmat and on his bouncer. Johnathan has really been loving puzzles, and can now do the wooden jigsaw puzzles that we have for him quite easily. I am super proud of him because they are pretty difficult...the biggest one is 24 pieces, and they are just wooden pieces on top of a plain board, so you can't "cheat" by seeing what piece goes where, you just have to figure it out...which he does all by himself! Such a smartie pants!

Johnathan is also talking up a storm. Just a few weeks ago he would mainly speak in a sentences of just a few words. Now he speaks in full sentences with the correct usage of "I", "me", "you", etc. It is fun to see him learning, and I am really enjoying being able to talk with him and communicate better.

Alrighty folks, I'm out. The doc is gone, the boys are asleep, so I am going to go relax and have mommy-time! Yippee!!! ;)


Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's all fun & games until the toilet overflows!

***Disclaimer, this post may contain TMI for some readers, so continue at your own risk!***

Last Sunday was the beginning of a very interesting week. It had been raining, and I'm not talking a gentle pitter-patter, I'm talking a torrential downpour that went on for hours and hours (and lasted for days & days...I think we got at least a foot of rain over just a few days!). Anyhoo, by Sunday afternoon our yard was officially flooded, and I have never been happier that we're on pier and beam! The flooding came within a few feet of entering our garage which is on slab, so thank goodness the rest of our house is up off the ground!

Aaron worked Sunday morning/early afternoon, and so the boys and I enjoyed a cozy day at home, enjoying the sound of the rain and feeling snug here in our little house. I had the candles going, casting homey little shadows on the walls, and all in all I felt like our home was a place of refuge and safety from the storm. It was a great day, and I was content as could be inside our little cottage of a house. That all changed early Monday...

...Monday started off fairly normal, an early wake-up call by the boys, then breakfast and my routine chores to begin the week with. I always do laundry on Mondays, it just feels good to start the week off with clean clothes, and this past Monday was no exception. I had just put Eli down for his morning nap, and threw a load in the wash and then proceeded to hang out with Johnathan and work on other stuff around the house. After a little while I heard a loud splashing sound and knew something was up...I didn't know where to look first, because it sounded like the noise was coming from either the bathroom or the garage where the washer is...well, it was coming from both! I ran to the bathroom and to my horror saw what looked like thick, oozing mud (it wasn't) coming into the bathtub. I sprinted to the garage and saw water splashing all over the place, and I quickly turned the washer off. I ran back into the house, and as I neared the bathroom I could see a wet substance all over the floor and I screamed! I didn't know what to do! I called the plumber asap, and let him know that the sewer lines were flooding into our bathroom, filling up the tub and overflowing the toilet. He said he couldn't do anything because all the city lines were flooding and he would have to wait for the rain to stop...what???!!! Couldn't do anything??? Well, I tried to think of a solution myself, and the only thing I could come up with was to stop all water usage at our house (except for washing our hands) and at least clean the mess that was there and pray that the rain would stop soon.

When I got off the phone with the plumber Johnathan came up to me saying "star sticker in nose, star sticker in nose." Great, I knew that meant he had stuck something up his nose, and sure enough, when I looked inside I could see a shiny green star sticker shoved in the back. I got the tweezers out, and thank goodness I was able to retrieve it. However, like in times past when Johnathan has stuck something in his nostrils, his nose became irritated and he started sneezing like crazy. His nose started running, and I had a bad feeling that he might get sick. A mother's intuition you might say.

I took the boys out (in the rain) to the grocery store to arm myself for the most disgusting task I've ever taken on to date. We came home with bleach, lots of paper towels, gloves and a myriad of other household cleaning items...oh and a candle too. I had to try something to get rid of the stench of raw sewage...not a pleasant thing at all to have in your home!

Luckily Aaron got home from work early on Monday and hung out with the boys while I tackled the bathroom. It was a horrible experience that I don't want to ever have to endure again, and long story short I filled a trash bag with some towels I had to sacrifice to stop the spillage from entering the hallway and with the rest of the goo and muck that I had to clean out of the bathroom. It. Was. Gross. And I have to give myself Woman of the Year for cleaning it all up!

I ran to my aunt's to shower after cleaning up the mess, and boy, did that shower feel good. Who knew when I'd get another, so I enjoyed it and trekked back home to the stink-house!

Monday night Johnathan woke up, throwing up and with Croup. Just great. We cleaned him up, and Aaron went to sleep in his room for the night. It was a bad night. And it was still raining.

Tuesday morning I took Monkey to the doc and came home with the diagnosis of Croup and a double ear infection. Okay, so could things get much worse??...of course they can, they can always get worse...and better too...but this was just one of those times when our lives were on a downhill slope. I called the plumber again...really hoping he'd try to come and see if he could fix our plumbing...and was told the same thing, he couldn't do anything, the rain was still steadily pouring, and there was just nothing he could do 'til it stopped, and that he would try to come by the next day...if the weather held. At this point I was thoroughly frustrated with him, surely he could do something...or at least come by to see if he could figure out the problem. I was more than a little upset with him. How did he expect us to live without a was going on day 2 with no working toilet or shower in our home, and what's a girl supposed to do when nature comes a callin'?! I was stuck at home, with a sick boy and a baby, and sooner or later I had to "go"...and so I did, in a trash can, y' a trash can! That poor trash can saw my behind several times, because for 3 days we didn't have a bathroom! I felt like I was in the olden days, going in a slop bucket! Boy am I thankful that we live in a time with the convenience of modern plumbing...and I couldn't wait to get mine back!

By Tuesday night I was completely worn out and frustrated. Crying. I was a mess. We called our landlady and told her the plumber she preferred us to use was just not cutting it. She okay-ed for us to call another company, one that we'd used in the past, and we called for them to come out first thing Wednesday morning. By this point Johnathan was on the mend, so that was one thing that I was grateful for, but boy, did I want to be able to go in a toilet again! And I was tired of our house smelling like the sewer, literally.

Wednesday the reliable plumber came, and found out the problem...roots, clogging the sewer line which couldn't handle all the rain and our home usage, and a clog in the bathroom pipes from when the sewer line had backed up into it. Problem solved, and problem under an the rain. I wanted to hug the plumber I was so happy. I had my washer back...I had my tub back (after some major bleaching)...and I had my toilet back!!! I was happy! I did call that other plumber back and told him not to worry about coming. I told him that I had found someone who could come and fix the problem...and you know what he said..."Oh, I thought that it (the backed up tub/toilet) would just go down when the rain stopped." Are you kidding me?!! Poor business in my opinion! My goodness!

So, now it is Saturday, the end of a interesting, frustrating, and stinky week. The house is clean and smells good again. Johnathan is recovering nicely. Eli has managed to stay well. The sun is shining. And I am thankful that things are normal...but then again, what's normal?!

Happy Saturday!



Here is our front yard during the the worst of the flooding. As you can see, pretty much the entire yard is under several inches of water...probably about 6 inches deep at its deepest point.

I had to move our car up because the water started to get close to going over the rim of the wheels, and I didn't want it sitting in all that water. When Aaron got home from work, he had to take off his shoes and roll up his pants to avoid getting totally soaked...the water was about 3 inches deep at the middle of our driveway at that point.

Another view of our front yard. That little patch of green eventually was under water too! Seriously, I felt like we were living on the edge of the bayou or something, it was so wet!

You can see a portion of our neighbor's home, also pier and beam, and look at how close the water is to the bottom of it! And after this point it kept raining for 3 more days! Thankfully, the water started to recede a bit tho!

Here I am trying to have good humor about the job I was about to tackle. I felt like I should have been on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe...yeah, it was that disgusting!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rainy Day Catch-up Post

Well, we are getting pelted with a ton of rain here in South Texas, and before we start to float away I figure I would do a catch-up post with some pics from the past couple of weeks...seems like the perfect thing to do on a rainy day!

Reading with Nana on our recent trip to Dallas.
Aunt Karen getting some snuggle time in with sweet Eli.
Our happy little guy...he seriously is a delightful baby!
Playing with blocks at Grammy & Grandpa's.
Another happy grin!
Hanging out with cousin Miles at the Sutphin's home.
What cute cousins!
Taking a break from the car seats on a pit-stop during our road trip back home.
My sweet boys!
Hanging out with cousin Ava during our stay with them as we trekked back to CC.
What a precious girl!
Does this trio look like family or what?!! Adorable cousins!!!
Eli looks like he's about had it! ;)
The "big" cousins wanted to see themselves in the picture!
Enough of this, I've had it!!!
I have always wanted to stop and read those Historical Markers you always see on the road...Aaron finally gave in and stopped for me to read this one!
Back at home and having fun with stickers!
I added a little bit of "fall" to our mantel...I am so happy that I found these white pumpkins since I don't really do orange.
My sweet & simple fall mantel.
Aren't these little pumpkins cute?!
My little helper!!!
All of my boys love watching movies...even Eli at almost 4 months is glued to the screen!!!

Alrighty folks, I smell a dirty diaper that's calling my name...unfortunately, haha!!! Gotta go! Happy Sunday!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Yesterday

September 14, a day that is memorable for many reasons...and yet a day that seemed to slip my mind yesterday, well, sort of. A year ago yesterday was the anniversary of a dear friend's death. An unexpected, tragic death that left so many with questions that can't be answered and with hearts aching. I was thinking about this friend yesterday, and about her family. It's hard to believe that already a year has passed since we got the news that she was seems like just yesterday.

This morning when Aaron was getting ready to go to work he asked me if it was the, I replied the 15th and then asked why...he reminded that yesterday was our sweet Daniel's 6th Heaven could I have forgotten??? It completely slipped my mind, probably because I was thinking of my friend's Heaven-going, and was also knee deep in just-back-from-out-of-town laundry and in super clean-up mode...still, I felt bad, awful even. But, I know how much I love my sweet baby, and yet again can't believe that another year has gone by...I can't believe that 6 years have passed since I felt his sweet presence inside of seems like just yesterday.

For some reason I can't remember the year, but I do remember that on September 14th I was baptized. I remember when Daniel was born thinking that it was special that he went to Heaven on the same date that I professed to the world that I was a follower of Christ through baptism. It was nice feeling some kind of connection to him, being able to share something with him even though I would miss out on sharing his life. Something to hold onto until I got to see him in that great faraway land that is really just a breath away.

So, yesterday is being remembered today. The events of the past have not been forgotten and will be thought of today and in the days to come...and as with all things circumstances and happenings deeply felt, it always feels like it was just yesterday.