Friday, January 27, 2012

Candles & Cute Boys

This past week has been a fun one of experimenting with candle making and hanging out with my little dudes. It's been a wet week and the boys are a bit under the weather, so it's been nice to stay inside, make candles and cookies, play and watch movies, have fires and kind of week! Sometimes it's good to have some days that are just a bit lazy...

Have a great weekend, y'all!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

And So Christmas is Finally Over...

...we finally took down our tree! Yes, a month after Christmas and our tree finally came down, haha! :) My boys, all 3 of them, {LoVe} having the tree up, so for the last several weeks we've enjoyed a little bit of Christmas lingering around our home. The little dudes love running into the living room each morning to turn on the Christmas lights, and I've loved watching them experience the wonder of the season far into this new year. But, today seemed like a good day to sort of move on and enjoy the next phase of the year...Springtime is just around the corner! And so the tree has to go...but just up into the attic, ready to be pulled out when the Joyous Season rolls around again at the end of the year!

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Next Step in My Infatuation with Candles

I love candles, I really do...and the shelves and storage bins in my pantry can attest to this! So, it only makes sense for me to start making them myself! Candle making was one of the things I wanted to start doing this year, and why not start now I say! Usually when I'm all about something I'm all about it right now...I don't know if that means I'm overly ambitious or if I'm just impatient...I kinda think it's both...anyways, I just placed my first order for equipment and supplies for my first batch of candles. I'm really excited to start doing this my own way and can't wait to add my own unique stamp of "Grace-ness" on each candle!


Monday, January 16, 2012

It Felt Like a First Date

This past Friday night Aaron and I got to go out on an actual, honest to goodness, just the two of us date! It had been too long...almost 3 years too long...since we'd been out for fun together on a real life date (we'd been out together to different group events sans kids, but even those had been few and far between) and seriously, it felt like a first date...the awkward silences, trying to figure out what to say to each other, wondering if the other person liked us...haha, just kidding, but it sure did feel weird since it had been so long!

Our babysitter (sweet Miss Brianna, whom the boys have taken to pretty well) came over to watch our little dudes. As soon as Aaron was home from work we took off to catch a light dinner before going to watch the 2nd Sherlock Holmes was so good...and all in all the date was awesome!

Oh, and just to brag on my hubby he had flowers delivered to me during the day on Friday before our date...isn't that just the sweetest thing! Funny thing is, around 12:45 early Friday afternoon I had this intuitive feeling that Aaron was going to send me just seemed like the sort of thing he would do since we were both excited about our date that night. So, when he got home I thanked him for his thoughtfulness (especially since he sent me a bouquet with two red roses in it for Johnathan and Eli and 4 white roses in it to represent our sweet children in Heaven, so double romantic points for him!). I asked Aaron when he ordered the flowers because I knew it was probably around the time I had my intuitive feeling, and sure enough, he had ordered them a little before he saw his afternoon patients at 1:00...crazy, right?!! Stuff like that has happened frequently with us so I like to think that we're connected in a cool way, haha! :)

Anyhoo, our week is off to a good start after having a nice weekend. We are enjoying this lovely weather and have been outside a bunch as a result. It's so nice to have temps in the 70's in the middle of January...only in Texas, haha!

Happy Monday to y'all!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Unstaged Affection

Yesterday I was vacuuming our living room when I looked up and saw the boys like this...

...I didn't want to break the spell (sometimes brotherly affection only lasts so long!)...but I did want to capture some photos of such a sweet moment. So, I left the vacuum running in place, since they were sort of zoned out from its noise, and I went to grab my camera as quick as possible. Luckily they were still enjoying the book that Johnathan was "reading" and I was able to get some sweet pics of them together. Despite the fighting that sometimes happens they both love each other so much, and it just makes my heart smile to see them like this!


Have a Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My {Own} Quote

As I've done my post-Christmas clean-up I've been sprucing things up for Spring...almost every area of our home has gotten a few tweaks here and there and I'm loving the refreshed look. I found the prettiest little blue frame at Hobby Lobby and set it in a vignette on my kitchen table. I was trying to search for the perfect quote for Spring but just couldn't find what I I made up my own! While the World is Sleeping the Earth takes a Breath and Exhales SPRING...ah, just what I wanted! :)

Here are a few snippets of our home getting ready for the next season!

For decorating I've been enjoying framed photos of my favorite people, jars with various textures and colors of moss, fresh green plants and stacked books! You can't go wrong with any of those!

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

3 Arms? :)

Yesterday Johnathan and Eli were being especially clingy...sometimes not a problem, but when I'm trying to cook dinner it's hard to hold two little boys! Anyways, I was trying to explain to Johnathan that sometimes I just can't hold him and that I need my arms to do other things. I asked him what I was going to do if I have another baby???...I told him right now I have two arms for two boys, but if another baby comes then someone will have to share mommy. And he asks, quick as lightning, "Are you going to have three arms then?"...Hahahaha!!! He's got it figured out! I just need to grow another arm!!!

***And no, there is no baby on the way just yet...thought I'd throw that disclaimer in here for inquiring minds!*** :)

Well, I'm off to enjoy a wonderful Saturday with my boys! Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!