Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrating Father's Day & the Crazy Days of Trying to Pack for a Big Move with Two Rambunctious Boys! ;)

Sunday we spent chillin' out with Aaron and honoring him for Father's Day...the boys gave him plenty of opportunities to demonstrate what a wonderful father he is, haha...they were a tad feisty, but it's no wonder since they've been cooped up a little more than usual as I flurry about the house prepping it for our big move coming up next week. We enjoyed a yummy Father's Day dinner out at Grimaldi's...Mmm, good pizza...and here are some pics of our nice evening.

They gave the boys some uncooked dough to play with while we waited for our pizza to cook...sorta like edible play dough...they LOVED it!

Yesterday the boys had about had it with being cooped up inside...so I took them out for pizza and games at Peter Piper's...they have a fun time and got a lot of their energy out...hooray for all of us! ;)

I'm off to continue moving prep while my little dudes are napping!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For Tio & Uncle Matt

On the way home from Dallas we stopped at Firehouse Subs and both boys got these cute firefighter hats (helmets?). Of course anytime we see anything having to do with being a firefighter we have a wonderful opportunity to tell the boys about how their Tio and Uncle Matt are firemen...which, of course is super cool for little boys to be able to look up to their uncles like that, to look up to them as heros, because they are! Anyways, here are my two little firemen, obviously not in their full gear since going out to fight a fire in just your undies would be quite crazy! ;)

We love you Tio and Uncle Matt. Thanks for all you do to help the communities you serve and for giving of yourself to protect and keep others safe.

Grace and your two adoring nephews!

Finding {Home}

We recently returned home after a house hunting trip up to the DFW metroplex. Aaron graduates residency in a little over a week (yay!) and will be starting up his "real" job with a medical group up there. So we have to pack our bags, box up our life really, and make the move to North Texas. It was odd, trying to find a house that will be home, trying to find a place where we'll make new friends and trying to locate that "perfect" spot to make new memories. Bittersweet, really. Our trip was successful tho, and we found a beautiful place that will become our new home. Home is where the heart is, or so the saying goes, so I think that Corpus Christi will always feel like home to me...so many wonderful things happened here, it would be hard for it not to feel like home.

Since we had blocked out two weeks of time for house hunting but only ended up needing one day for that (yep, found it and leased it in one day!) and only needed a few days for other personal business stuff we had lots of time to catch up with some of the folks we love dearly in our "new neighborhood." We spent time with all the family and caught up with several friends during our trip too. Looking back I didn't take many pics...too busy having a good time I guess...but here are some of my faves that capture our Dallas trip...

Don't you just love the creative way we came up with to strap our new iPad to the back of my seat so Johnathan could watch his movies on the car trip??? I was quite proud of it, even if it was a bit redneck! ;)
Johnathan was totally mesmerized by it!
The boys in a real live dump truck!
Sand for all at Grandpa and Grammy's.
Enjoying the water show at the Fairview splash park.
Me and my sweet boy hanging out at the water show.
The spray shot up about 50 feet! Pretty cool!
Aaron being "Amateur Nacho" at the Nacho Libre party we had at Gwen & Matt's...Eli didn't like the mask too much...:(
"Shh, secret tunnels"...da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da-da...
Nacho & EncarnaciĆ³n (Baby Cole & his mommy, Gail).
Eli enjoying playing at his cousin's house!
Levi with his "wrestling mask" on! ;)
Eagle powers!
It's hard to be a superhero without your trusty pig! (Greta, this pic's for you!)
The new place we'll call home!