Sunday, January 30, 2011

{Today} in Pictures

I don't have much to say right now...well, I do, but I am too tired to write much I should I am going to post a few of today's photographs...courtesy of Meredith/Arden/Aunt Jenna who were behind the camera...and in front of it too, lovin' on our sweet boys! ;)

Eli, 8 Months, and pretty darn cute if I do say so myself!

Johnathan, 2 & 3/4 years old, loving on his "Arnen."

Meredith, or "Ner-Bear" as Johnathan calls her, hanging with the little dudes.

Brotherly love.

Eli loves to make this scrunchy nose face...too cute!

Bright Eyes!

We love you, Arden!

We love our Mer-Bear!

Precious boy with his first "crush"...when asked who the prettiest girl he's ever seen is, Johnathan without hesitating said, "Arnen!" They are great buddies!

Monkey & Meredith!

Still can't get over those lashes!

Money!!! Cha-Ching!

Johnathan loves being affectionate to his lil' brother, sometimes to Eli's dismay, haha!

Hope you all have had a restful Sunday 'cause Monday is right around the corner! ;)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Mister Independent

It's funny how much personality Eli has. At only 8 months old he is already little mister independent...especially when it comes to eating...and loves to do things all by himself. I started him on "solid" baby food, which is really just like soupy veggies and fruits, about a month ago. He did okay at first, but now as soon as he sees that spoon of goo coming toward his mouth he throws such a fit. He'll hide behind his hands, clench his jaw so that I can't open it and pretty much do all he can within his power to NOT eat the food...but, give him some cut up pieces of food or offer him something he can chew and he's all about it, haha! So, we're skipping the spoon-fed stage and going straight to the "big boy" stuff...stuff like pancakes, and small pieces of soft fruits and veggies...oh, and meat sticks, the Gerber baby ones that look like little hot dogs...he LOVES those! It feels sort of weird to just let him feed himself at this stage, but I got the approval from his doctor and now I don't have to stress about him not eating his baby mush. Now I just have to come up with creative ways to make soft baby food that can be picked up and eaten! I sure hope that he gets more teeth in soon because right now he is pretty much just gumming it all!

I know that I've been horrible about posting photos here are a few from Christmastime that I stole from my sisters' facebook accounts, haha! Oh, and speaking of Christmas, I have to do a post about that soon, seeing as it's a month behind us and I still haven't blogged about Eli's First Christmas! Hopefully that will be coming soon! ;)

Much love,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does This {Candle} Make Me Look Fat???!

Okay, so I love really, really love them. I don't know, there is just something about the aroma they give throughout the house that seriously brightens my day. If you come to my home on any given day, at any given time, I almost always will have at least one or more candles lit...sometimes one in every room! Aah, so least for my sense of smell, haha!

Anyways...the other day, as I walked from room to room smelling the delicious scents I started having all sorts of cravings for the food that the candles smelled like...creme brulee, butter pecan pie, warm cinnamon sugar, vanilla cupcakes, etc...they all smelled sooo good...but it was all just scent, not the "real" deal and boy, my stomach did not know the difference and wanted to eat some sweets right then and there. So...thankfully I keep a bit of sugary/chocolatey stuff on hand, and I ate up anything that my tummy wanted, haha! Craving satisfied! ;)

So...does this candle make me look fat??? Probably!!! I need to get a hold of things and maybe move onto candle scents that aren't based on a food item. Maybe it's time to move onto floral scents or something, just so long as it's not an edible flower or who knows, I might start craving them too!

Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Beauty in the Backseat

Today was just one of those of those days where things don't go "as planned" or the way that you want them to. A day where the preceding night has seemed way too long and yet also way too short at the same time. A day where having a cup of coffee (or two) is definitely a necessity, haha! ;)

Late morning I dropped Eli off with Aunt Jenna so that I could take Johnathan to the doc for the second day in a row...I wonder if our pediatrician ever tires of seeing us??? Probably not, I am betting that his kids are well on their way to having full college funds because of us! ;)

Yesterday our little Monkey boy was diagnosed with the common cold, but overnight his cough turned really nasty and frequent, and this morning I could not get him to stop coughing...poor little guy emptied his stomach several times from coughing so hard, it was really tough to see. Anyways, today the doc said that in addition to his cold he has strep and also the excessive coughing and difficulty taking normal breaths is from asthma...that is sort of Johnathan's MO...with almost whatever sort of illness he gets the asthma always gets the better of him and he almost always gets sent home with a regimen of oral steroids...this time was no different...except that he got a steroid shot too which was just the icing on the cake for poor Monkey. Obviously most kids hate shots, and Johnathan fits right in that category...and I most certainly hate having to hold him down, arms pinned, while he gets said shot. But it had to be done and I can already tell an improvement in his health from this morning.

We went to pick Eli up after having been gone about and hour and a half, and both boys were exhausted. Shortly after leaving Aunt Jenna's they both fell asleep in the car, and I sure as heck wasn't going to wake them up. So I just drove around town for a bit 'til they were both deep in slumber and then I went to the Starbucks drive through to get myself a cup of coffee, my second for the day.

After sipping some of the dark nectar I drove down to the ocean and parked in a good spot to see the waves crashing up on the rocks where the sea met the land. It was beautiful, the perfect spot to rest while my two precious sons slept soundly in their car seats in the back. It was also the perfect spot to reflect, and upon seeing the beauty that God had created I felt undeniably peaceful.

While the waves crashed against the rocks and boulders outside, and while the wind whipped around us all was calm inside our little car. The soft snores of my boys filled the space and I couldn't help but stare through my rear view mirror at the beauty in the back seat as well. It's hard to express how much I love my two little dudes, and more often than not they are running around (well, Eli is quite running yet, but you know what I mean) like little wild men with a million volts of little boy energy coursing through their bodies. So, it was quite nice to be able to stare at their little faces, to admire their perfectly pink cheeks, so fresh and baby soft, their sweetly formed little mouths silent in slumber and their beautiful, dark eyelashes that contrasted so perfectly with their pure skin. I was surrounded by beauty today, and I am so thankful that I was "forced" to just stop and enjoy the beauty that God gave me today. I sat there close to an hour just enjoying it...and my coffee, too, of course! It was a wonderful respite during an otherwise harried day.

Now my two little dudes are once again asleep, and I'm hoping that tonight goes better than last night, and that just maybe Eli won't get sick...but, with way that Johnathan so affectionately bestows kisses on his little brother it's pretty likely that we'll be seeing our dear doctor again...oh, well, I guess his kids will get to go to college for sure!


Monday, January 3, 2011

All I Want For New Years is My Two Front Teeth!

Finally, after months of teething, Eli has finally been granted his first tooth which came in yesterday. The bottom middle left tooth popped through after some major teething, and the one next to it is just below the surface...phew, the first phase of his teething is over and I can't wait to see those little pearly whites grow!

Happy New Year! 2011 is off to a good start, haha!