Friday, February 25, 2011

It Won't Be Like This Forever

Lately some things here at the hive have been less than peaceful, more than annoying and sometimes just plain crazy. We're going on at least 5 (or maybe 6) weeks straight of one or both boys being sick. Really I can't remember exactly how long it's been, but I do know that we've been to the pediatrician 7 times this year...and Dr. Aaron has also treated our boys for things that have crept up over the weekends...see, I said it was crazy! Both boys are currently being treated for left ear infections...apparently Johnathan's is pretty severe which might be why he seems to have trouble hearing me lately...he is also just getting over having's been a heckuva week, that's for sure. Eli is still hanging on to the cough that he's had for over a month, and just when I thought he was getting better he got hit with some allergies, so the cough is back, but not as bad. I am just ready for my little boys to be well! Ugh!

I keep having to remind myself that even though it seems like my little dudes have been sick for ages that it won't be like this forever. For everything there is a season and I just have to stay focused on the positive things that happen throughout our days...after all, it won't be like this forever.

There are so many sweet things that do fill up our days, and I wish I could capture each of those moments and remember them for a lifetime. Life goes by so fast, and I don't want to forget any of the special memories that we're making right now. Like when Johnathan asks to snuggle with me at night before bed...usually right after I've sung to him like I always do...the same 4 songs, the same order, every night...and then his sweet little request..."I want to snuggle, Mama"...and I almost always oblige. It is such a sweet time with him. He just likes for me to lay close to him and he likes to hold my hands or will curl up next to me and place his hands on my face. He has always been like this, but I know that sometime in our future he will grow out of this won't be like this forever...and I want to enjoy each second that I have with my cuddly little guy.

Eli's latest challenge have been his sleeping habits at night. Things have gotten better since we made the switch to the other room, but there is still a lot to be accomplished...mainly getting him to sleep through the night. However, until we decide exactly how to go about that I am trying to see the positive side in getting up with him at night. No matter how exhausted I am there is still something undeniably sweet about comforting my baby through nursing. Eli does this funny little thing where he'll rotate his left foot counter-clockwise when he's starting to fall asleep. He will just turn it around and around and around. It's precious, and it's one of those things that I definitely want to remember...because it won't be like this forever.

Alrighty y'all, I'm off to enjoy the remainder of my evening until I attempt to go to sleep...wish me luck with the sleeping part...what I wouldn't give for 5 or 6 straight hours! Heck, 3 or 4 would be nice too! ;)

Tired but Happy,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sharing a Room...a last-ditch effort to save my sanity!

We did it...we made the switch...and now Johnathan and Eli share a room...and now Aaron and I have salvaged what we can of our sanity! Let me explain...

...When Johnathan was a baby we shared a room with him until he was about a year old. We just liked being close to him throughout the night, me especially since he nursed a year and beyond, and it was comforting to have him near to us. As far as he was concerned if we were out of sight we were out of mind, and it didn't bother him one bit to have us in there with him. Eli is a whole different story...

...We have been sharing our room with Eli since he was born, and really up until the last month or so it hasn't been that bad. Sure, we've had to tiptoe around a bit and haven't been able to turn on the lights to read in bed or whatever after he's asleep, but it hasn't been too bad. He slept fairly good once he was down and all of us were pretty content with our sleeping arrangement. However, now that our littlest dude is mobile and can crawl and pull up to sit and pulls up on his bed the whole room sharing with mommy and daddy had become a nightmare. Eli started waking up at night, for no apparent reason and would cry and cry because he knew we were in the room with him and were not getting him up. Where with Johnathan it was "out of sight, out of mind" with Eli it was out of sight, losing my mind and screaming my head off because I know Mom and Dad are in here but I can't see where! We tried "hiding" from him, but if he ever so much as heard us in the room he would throw a major tantrum...and boy, that kid can cry...he has a VERY good set of lungs.

Sunday morning after another night of very little sleep Aaron and I had had it. We went through all the possible places that we could move Eli's crib...the dining, then we couldn't get to the kitchen after he was in bed at night...the, too sunny for naptime...the garage (not really, but we did mention it, haha!) no, too many other creatures might be sharing the same room...and then, the logical conclusion we came to (after we ruled out putting him in a tent in the backyard)...totally kidding, by the way...was to put him in Johnathan's room and then just hope that the arrangement worked out for both boys.

Oh, my. It has been great! Johnathan was so excited about having Eli stay in his room and thank goodness is able to sleep through the little tantrums that Eli throws every now and then. So far they have done wonderful in the same room...they even take naps together! We switched up our night time routine to accommodate our new sleeping situation and it has worked out really well. I am so excited! I have my room back...and my sanity is now at least stable, ha! ;)

In making the switch I took everything out of Johnathan's room that could be a potential hazard to Eli's safety...Johnathan loves to "share", but some things are a little dangerous coming up over the edge of the crib and falling inside. So I put all of his books and hard toys out in the living room, and only the softer toys and balls are in there now. And it's a good thing I did that too...yesterday while Eli was having a little trouble falling asleep during the boys' afternoon nap I found Johnathan throwing everything he could into the crib...but, since it was just nerf balls and a whole heap of diapers Eli didn't get hurt! ;)

All in all we are extremely happy with the switch. I am having fun putting our room back together and making it more just for me and Aaron and taking out the baby paraphernalia that had started to overtake it. Don't get me wrong...I love having a house that says we have two sweet boys living in it...but it's nice to have a space that is more grown up too! ;)

Here are some pics of my two precious boys...they really are getting to be good little buddies!

Because I just can't ever get enough of Johnathan's eyelashes...
Bright eyes!
And he has some pretty lashes too...just not as dramatic as Monkey's.
Enjoying his Fun Dip from his teacher at school for Valentine's Day.
He enjoyed eating his "sugars!"
And again, with the lashes...*melt*!
My sweet boy!
Precious face.
Someone told me recently that Aaron and I make the best looking kids...and seriously, as humble as I'd like to be about it, look at this face...I have to agree! ;)
Sweet little snacker!
My precious baby.
Eli is so expressive with his cracks me up!
I can't get over this face...adorable!
Happy boy!
I would kill to have a complexion like Johnathan's...he has the most beautiful skin!
See his two little teeth?!

Happy Tuesday!


Saturday, February 19, 2011


We had a fantastic trip to the aquarium...I was a little concerned how Johnathan would do walking around on "his own" while Eli was in the stroller...but I am happy to report that Johnathan did amazing, and behaved wonderfully! I have found that preparing him beforehand and letting him know what I expect out of him and laying down some consequences if that doesn't happen really helps...I was so proud of him! He did great staying close to me and was such a good boy. Eli seemed to enjoy his time too and was content being pushed around in the stroller looking at everything. Here are some pics of our fun day...

Have a great day!

You Can Pick Your Nose...

Have you ever heard the phrase...

...You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friend's nose...???

Well, I thought of another I was cleaning Eli's crusty, little button of a nose...

You can pick your nose, you can't pick your baby, but you can pick your baby's nose! Haha! Okay, totally random...and maybe TMI and gross, but that is life! ;)

Off to go visit the aquarium with my two little snotty-nosed boys!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Can't Believe He's Already Playing That Card...

Yesterday we had a great Valentine's Day...well, as great as it can be with a sick mommy and crabby sick baby...still, it was pretty good. Johnathan and Eli received some sweet treats through the mail and some loving cards, and Daddy and I had some fun stuff to give our boys was a yummy, sticky day, especially for Johnathan who was so excited about all the goodies he got.

As the evening started to come to a close after bath time, I had Johnathan go play out in the living room for a bit while I gave Eli one of his (dreaded) breathing treatments. Just prior Johnathan had showed me the sweet Valentine's card that his cousin, Miles, sent to him...complete with a yummy blue lollypop. I admired his card but told him to wait until tomorrow for the sucker since he had already had so many treats...

...for some reason Johnathan was exceptionally quiet during Eli's breathing treatment...and was content happily playing inside his little cardboard fort that we made a while back...hmm, interesting...

As Eli's breathing treatment ended, in comes Johnathan with some guilty blue lips and a dark blue tongue...haha, the truth of what happened was quite obvious...his little mouth was all kinds of stained with the truth, heehee!

Me: "Johnathan, why are your lips and tongue blue?"

Johnathan: "I don't know."

Me: "Did you eat the lollypop after Mommy told you not to eat it?"

Johnathan (without a seconds hesitation): "Daddy told me yes!"

Oh boy, I can't believe he's already playing that card! He sure is a sly one!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

About a week and a half ago Eli came down with a double ear infection...then, a few days ago Johnathan came down with them too...and it looks like another one of us has succumbed to what might be a virus causing these dang things because...da, da, dum...drum roll please...this mommy has come down with them too! No, ear infections aren't just for little kids. I can attest to that. I've had a few in my adult life, and I always know why they cause such pain for little kids, they hurt! This time around it isn't too bad, but still, it's causing me to have a nasty fever and it's just hard to function when your body is on overdrive trying to kill a bug.

Anyways, last night was our annual STARS (The resident spouse group that I'm involved with) Valentine's dinner, and even though I wasn't feeling 100% I was not going to let it keep us from having a good night. We've been planning this thing for weeks, I had a babysitter all lined up for Monkey, (Arden!) and I wanted to be able to hang out with my hubby and eat some good food! So, I loaded up on some Ibuprofen and we hit the town, haha! We brought along Eli who put up a fuss at first but then peacefully fell asleep...and guess what??? I actually got to talk to other adults and have "real" conversations...not that talking with Johnathan about how "big" his poopies are and how Buzz Light Year will be so proud that Johnathan went potty in the toilet aren't real conversations...but I'm just sayin', it was nice to be able to talk to the other couples at the dinner...course we mostly talked about our kids, but that is okay!

Here's a pic of my sweet hubby and I before we headed out last night...and of our little doctor Johnathan who was all ready to hang out with his best girl, Arden.

Thanking God today for Tylenol, Motrin and some nice hot coffee! I am already feeling much better with the combo of those three!

Have a blessed Sunday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Feeling Defeated

Do you ever have moments where you just feel defeated? Moments where you feel some sort of oppression and feel totally helpless to change things? I have been feeling like that a bit lately. And, I am pretty sure I know the cause...and I am pretty sure I won't feel this way for long, but right now, I am just plain worn out and feel like I'm running on empty.

Eli is sick and has been for going on 3 weeks straight...and just a few days before that he was just getting over being sick for about 2 it's been almost 5 weeks of him being under the weather. Johnathan has been sick off and on for the last month and a half too...and just now has come down with another double ear infection...just got over one a few weeks ago...and I am completely over them being put it frankly...I'm sick of it! ;)

Luckily when my little dudes aren't feeling 100% they are still relatively happy & that's a good thing. Aaron always says that if they are "appropriate" then that's a good sign...they aren't really that sick...but still, I want them to be well...and to stay that way for a good long time! None of us get much sleep when one or more of our little hive is sick...and after a while that just wears on you. I am ready for some good sleep again, although, in the mornings after my cup o' joe I do feel a nice little perk, so that's good!

Anyways, I am just ready for my two precious ones to get better. I feel like we're the only ones that have sick kids what seems like all the time. Are we??? Probably not, but still, it makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong to have my little dudes sick so frequently. I know this is the time of year when coughs and colds abound...and all that goes with I am very much looking forward to spring and hopefully renewed wellness for our little family.

Wellness, come soon!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011



...I was awakened by the sweetest little boy who told me, "wake up, mommy, it's a sunshine day!"

...I heard the happy gurgles from my precious baby as he played in bed while I had some snuggle time with big brother.

...I scarfed down a piece of toast for breakfast which would be the only I got a chance to eat until about 4 o'clock...busy day!

...I ran Johnathan to school where he proudly showed all his little friends the gift bags he made them for the Valentine's party and told them excitedly..."today is a Treat Day!"

...I rushed back to Eli (home with daddy) to feed him before heading out to the pediatrician's...again...for the sixth time in a month's period...ugh!

...I told the doc about Eli's stubborn cough and got help for my baby boy...more meds and breathing treatments...hopefully he'll be better soon.

...I ran errands with a sleep-deprived but incredibly happy little dude. He was a trooper!

...I gave Eli a breathing treatment and wanted to scream out in frustration because he fought it the whole time...such a pain!

...I picked up Johnathan from school...Johnathan who went all day at school in his big boy undies and kept them dry! Woohoo!

...I took my boys back home for rest/nap time.

...I made a sandwich...and ate it so fast you would have thought I was starving...which I probably was!...okay, not really, but I was really hungry!

...I had to go through the Valentine's treats that Johnathan's friends gave him and take out all the ones with dairy in them...he had 2 suckers left...and I wanted to cry...maybe it's silly, but it makes me sad that he has to miss out even in little things like that...BUT, I refilled all the little candy boxes with dairy-free treats that we had at the house, so he'll never know what he's missing. (Side Note: The other day Johnathan and I made cookies together...dairy-free of course, although I didn't mention that fact to him...anyways, afterward Johnathan was sitting down with a plate of fresh cookies, happy as could be, and he looked up at me with his bright cheerful face, showed me a cookie, and said, "Look, Mom, no dairy on it!"...he is getting to understand that he can't have certain things and gets excited over what he can have. Sweet boy!)

...I gave Eli another breathing treatment...and I outlasted his struggling 'til he finally gave in and let me administer the treatment...phew!

...I spent time with my boys, all three of them, and enjoyed just being with them.

...I found a piece of poop on the floor! Yuck! Don't ask me how it got there, because I have no clue...and don't ask me how I know it was poop...I just did...and I am pretty sure I know from who...but don't ask me that either! ;)

...I washed my hands...and vacuumed the floor.

...I made dinner for my little dudes and enjoyed being their evening entertainment as they ate. I don't know what it is about having kids, but man, it brings out the silly in me! I am such a goofball, and I crack them up on a regular basis being a crazy mommy. It's so much fun to make them laugh!

...I managed to get us all showered and jammies on without much incident.

...I may or may not have sort of yelled at Eli to stop squirming and pulling out the tube from his nebulizer during another breathing treatment. I apologized later...seriously, who yells at a baby?! (Me!)

...I nursed my sweet boy to sleep and he is sleeping still, several hours later...praise!

...I got to read and hang out with Johnathan without any distraction, something that I love.

...I was asked to have "one more snuggle" with my cuddly little dude and happily obliged. I {love} that Johnathan is a snuggler. He loves to cuddle at the end of the day and during the day he loves to hug me and lavish his sweet little boy kisses on me. It's so precious.

...I made some coffee so I could relax...weird, but coffee does that for me.

...I caught up on reading all my favorite blogs!

...I realize that I have the most blessed life...the life that I've always wanted...and no, it's not perfect and neither am I...but boy, what a life!

Nighty-night, y'all!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too Cute to Not Post

Lately Johnathan and Eli have both said or done such cute things that just melt my heart and make me laugh. They are both indescribably precious, and I am so thankful to be their mama. So here are some of the heart-warming things they do or say that make my days a bright and happy place...

...(as Johnathan is climbing along the back of the couch)...Me: Johnathan, you need to get down right now, please, you could fall...Johnathan: I'm not going to fall, silly, I'm being safe!...I cracked up at that one!

...Johnathan: Can I have a cookie, pleeeeeeeeease. (It's first thing in the morning) Me: No, Johnathan, we don't have cookies before breakfast. Johnathan: But I said "please!"...apparently he really does think that please is the magic word, haha!

Eli gives me kisses! Call me crazy/paranoid/whatever...but I have refrained from kissing Eli's sweet lil' lips to avoid the unnecessary spread of germs, bugs, whatever it is that kisses spread and to try to keep Eli well...okay, so the kid gets sick all the time, probably because Johnathan does not share my paranoia, and kisses his little brother ruthlessly, haha! Anyways, I decided I was being silly, I am usually the healthiest person around these parts anyhow, so this week I've been enjoying being affectionate to my littlest dude...and he loves it and kisses me right back! It's totally cute, and I'm glad that I can put aside my tendency to freak out over the possible chance that Eli might catch "something" and just love my little dude.

Although he's not crawling yet, Eli can get up on his hands and knees and do some serious rockin'! He hasn't taken a "step" yet, but sometimes will rock so hard that he catapults himself forwards! The little guy can get around though, and will push, wiggle, roll and do whatever it takes to get where he wants to go! Oh, and he pulled himself up in his crib today. He looked so cute holding onto the rails...until he couldn't hold himself up any longer and conked his head on the bed...chalk one up for the hard knocks of growing up and learning! He wasn't seriously hurt and I'm sure will try to pull up again baby is getting so big!

There are so many moments that make me smile throughout my days...especially when Johnathan tells me (when I'm in a bad mood) "Smile, Mama. Be happy!" I can't really stay upset for long when my own sweet almost 3 year old tells me that! He is very in tune to my moods and does not like it when I'm unhappy...heck no one does..."If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy!"...I remember reading that on a cute sign somewhere.

That's it for now, y'all. This happy mama is going to bed...or at least heading that way.

Lotsa love!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Potty Chronicles

Well folks, it looks like our little dude is potty trained. Since he is pretty brand new to it I'm sure we'll still have some accidents in our future, but I think for the most part we're there. I am so proud of Johnathan, and I'm so happy that he caught on so quickly. This past week has really been fun watching him sort of grow up and become a "big boy" in the area of potty training. He gets so proud when he has gone potty and still gets very excited to show us what he accomplished, haha! It's pretty cute! Also, he has upgraded from going in his little toilet to going in the big potty...I was sick of cleaning that small one out, yuck!

We still have to work on nap/night-time potty training, but I was very encouraged by last night when Johnathan woke up to get me to take him to the bathroom in the middle of the night and was completely dry in his diaper this morning, woohoo!

So, that's the latest edition of the potty chronicles. Now I just have to figure out what to do when he has to go when we're out and about...public restrooms scare me! Anybody have any good ideas for that? I'm tempted to put his small potty in the car and just have him go there when we're out, haha, wouldn't that be a sight?!! ;)

Happy Super-Bowling!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seriously...Could it be THIS easy???!!!

Okay, so last week we "officially" started to potty train. Ever since this past summer we've done a little off and on, mostly to introduce Johnathan to the concept of going in the toilet and not in his diaper, but I have never really started it up because, well, I was just dreading it, haha! BUT, I didn't want Johnathan getting too much older before we started, so last Wednesday I pulled myself together and as soon as Johnathan got up in the morning we put on his "big boy underwear"...cute little Thomas the Train ones...and started. I asked him about every 20 minutes or so if he needed to go so that we didn't miss any opportunities...he always said no, and when he tried to sit on the potty nothing we kept going about our daily routine with potty breaks, or potty "tries" in between.

Me: "Johnathan, do you need to pee-pee?"

Johnathan: "No."

Me: "Okay, well tell mommy if you need to go and we'll go to your potty."

Johnathan: "Okay."

Not even a minute later and he comes trotting into the kitchen, underwear soaked with pee and leaving a trail of wet back into the living room...(silent ugh!)...but it's our first day so I expected accidents and cleaned it up, put a new pair of underwear on Johnathan and we kept going.

Me: "Johnathan, do you need to pee-pee?"

Johnathan: "No."

Me: "Okay, well tell mommy if you need to go and we'll go to your potty."

Johnathan: "Okay."

Probably just mere seconds later and I caught him in the middle of going #2 and we rushed to the bathroom for a partial success...(another silent ugh, followed by lots of praise to Johnathan for what did end up in the toilet)...and we kept on going.

Me: "Johnathan, do you need to pee-pee?"

Johnathan: "No."

Me: "Okay, well tell mommy if you need to go and we'll go to your potty."

Johnathan: "Okay."

...and I kept asking and asking...

...and he peed on his chair during time out...haha...but seriously, great...(some not so silent ugh's) and off come the cushion covers and thrown in the soiled underwear pile to get washed later...

...then he peed all over his floor in his room...more undies tossed, another floor cleaned, haha...(more silent and not silent ugh's)...

...and of course he peed all over his bed and favorite stuffed animal...and the wash pile was getting pretty big at this point!...and then we stopped. Call me a quitter but after 5 straight accidents I was ready for a break. After the morning we'd had I didn't dare try to see if he could take his rest time in his underwear. So I congratulated him for lots of good tries and the diaper went back on.

Over the weekend we were busy and didn't work on it. Maybe we should have, but didn't, oh well.

Monday. Several accidents. Several successes, especially toward the end of the day. I was very happy with how things were progressing.

Tuesday, took him to school wearing a pull-up so he could use the potty there. When I picked him up his teacher said that he hadn't used the bathroom all day but that his pull-up was still dry...we went to the potty and he went right away! Yay! When we got home he wanted to use his potty and for the remainder of the day he just used the potty when he had to go to the bathroom. him up and put on the Thomas undies...he stayed in ONE pair all day...10 successes...NO accidents!!! After the first several times he didn't even need me to ask him if he had to go, he just would go in to his potty when he needed to! Awesome!

Today...same story...same clean undies (well, a new pair for today, obviously!) from morning 'til bedtime...we even left the house and he stayed dry while we were out! I am totally amazed by how quickly he caught on, especially after last Wednesday was such a rough start. Could it really be this easy? He doesn't want to wear a diaper now, and wanted to wear his underwear to bed, so I guess that will be our next challenge. I am super stoked to think that he is well on his way to being day-time potty trained though, it is wonderful! I haven't had to change his diaper, aside from taking off his night time one, in 3 days!!! Woohoo!!! ;)

Here are some pics of our big boy...and some of the little one, too! ;)

He's been running around the house with just his undies and t-shirt...makes it so much easier for him when he's going to the potty all by himself to not have to worry about pants...and I just love seeing his cute little legs!
So proud of his big boy underwear...I think the Thomas ones really did the trick...he really likes Thomas the Train!

Sweet Eli sitting up like a big boy!
This little guy is super active and wants to do so much these days...he adores his big brother and is a daddy's boy...when Aaron leaves the room he just bawls and's so cute!

Hope y'all are staying warm. We're getting some cold weather here, but I'm such a cold-weather wimp and have our heat cranked up to almost 80, so we're nice and toasty! Heehee!

Lotsa love!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eli's {1st} Christmas...and other fun pics

Christmas has come and gone quite a while ago, but this momma has been lacking in the blog posting, and poor lil' Eli hasn't even gotten recognized for his 1st ever, here we go, get ready for major photo overload! We were blessed to be able to spend Turkey Day to Jesus' birthday up in Big D, and here are some glimpses of our time there...

Making Gingerbread houses with Aunt Glo!
Good job sharing, Levi!
A rare photo of Aaron and me
Add ImageMe and Gwen with our big boys.
One of Eli's first tastes of big boy food!
Playdate with cousin, Miles
Eli, 7 months
Reading with "Unca Brosky"
My sweet momma, snuggling with precious baby Cole, the newest nephew!
Our four boys, December 19, 2010
Me and my little men
Sweet Ava Joy, our delightful niece
Cute cousins!
Chillin' at Nana & Papi's house
Precious girl!
Being goofy with my man!
I just can't get enough of this little girl!
Our Aldape Christmas!
Happy boy!
Baby Cole
Pretty Gloria!
Glenna, modeling her apron!
Grebbie with lil' Cole
Continuing a Christmas tradition!
Mommy & Eli!
Our sweet lil' man with Mom and Dad
Silly Baby!
Lookie what Santa put in the stocking!!!
Little Mer-man baby, haha!
Uncle Grant thought it would be funny to see what Eli's bald spot looked like with a face on it...'s the "real" deal...
...and here's Eli's "other" face...some people really do have eyes on the back of their heads! ;)
Cute lil' dudes, Levi, Johnathan and Miles.
Our wonderful Papa & Mema
Aldape Family Stockings, Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Christmas morning!
"Look what I got!"
Happy 1st Christmas, Eli!
Trying Johnathan's new bike!
Eli ridin' the chopper, vroom, vroom!
Precious boy!
Eli and Geenz!
What a beautiful auntie you have Eli!
The many faces of Baby Santa...the annoyed face...
...the huh, you talkin' to me? face...
...the oops, I think I just let one slip face...
...the I know I'm just a baby but I can have attitude too face!
Baby Cole's first Christmas too!

*Some of these photos are out of order...but I just don't have the time or energy to fix them...sorry!*

Lil toot!
Eli and Grammy!
Puzzle from Uncle Grant, thanks Brosky!
Probably my favorite pic of Eli's first Christmas!
I love you, sweet boy...and Auntie Glo, love you too!
Eli Robert, Christmas 2010!
Biggest Sis and Littlest Sis!
Little shepherd boys for the Christmas Eve play at Grandma's
Little techies!
Mer-Bear and Monkey-boy!
Ooh-la-la! ;)
Eli's debut as Baby Jesus.
Christmas Eve, 2010
Christmas Eve
Kisses for the angel baby.
"I-li" (eye-lie as Johnathan says Eli's name)
Arden & Eli

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Over and out,