Tuesday, June 14, 2011

For Tio & Uncle Matt

On the way home from Dallas we stopped at Firehouse Subs and both boys got these cute firefighter hats (helmets?). Of course anytime we see anything having to do with being a firefighter we have a wonderful opportunity to tell the boys about how their Tio and Uncle Matt are firemen...which, of course is super cool for little boys to be able to look up to their uncles like that, to look up to them as heros, because they are! Anyways, here are my two little firemen, obviously not in their full gear since going out to fight a fire in just your undies would be quite crazy! ;)

We love you Tio and Uncle Matt. Thanks for all you do to help the communities you serve and for giving of yourself to protect and keep others safe.

Grace and your two adoring nephews!


Anonymous said...

How adorable!



Anonymous said...

Love my sweet little nephews! Can't wait to have them over often and add to the number of boys in our home! They look so cute in their firefighter hats. Fighting fires in their undies is probably not very safe but boy does it look CA-ute!!

Love you,
Aunt Gwenny Gwen Gwen

Anonymous said...

Way to go, undie-cover firefighters! I'll teach you everything you need to know about fighting fires in your underwear when you're older - you're letting all the trade secrets out, boys!

Love you both, you crazy booger-heads!

Unca 'el bombero locochito' Matt Sutphin