Sunday, June 24, 2012

A {Hot Date} & an {80's Party}

Last night my sweet hubby and I went on our first "hot date" in f-o-r-e-v-e-r....I really think it's the first date we've been on, alone, since Johnathan was about 11months yeah, it's been a while!  We went out and had a great dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse.  And, while we weren't with our own kiddos, we were surrounded at dinner by about 15 7-8 year olds...a local dance troupe and their there was tons of noise and energy...we just didn't have to get on to anyone!  :-)  It was kind of funny, Aaron and I talked about the irony of being out by ourselves for the first time, hoping to enjoy a "quiet" evening, but instead we were enjoying the chatter and laughter that only little kids can bring, so really, we felt right at home!

After our dinner, we attended an 80's themed party at one of Aaron's friends home.  We shopped for our clothes before our dinner...because really, who has an 80's fashion disaster just hanging out in their closet???  Not me!  Haha!  ;-)

All in all it was a great evening.  Thanks so much to Nana & Papi for watching our sweet boys...we were really able to just have fun and not worry about them because we knew they were in great hands!

 Getting ready to head out to dinner...
...with my super handsome hubby!
Another little handsome man in my life...
...isn't he cute?!!
Yes, an 80's fashion rainbow threw up all over me!  :-)
Back at home and trying to time the picture, lol, didn't quite happen!
Aaron went as John McClane from the Die Hard movies, barefoot, dirty wife beater and all! 
Cheese!  :-)

Have a blessed Sunday, y'all!


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goatpod2 said...

It sounds like you had a nice evening out anyways!