Thursday, November 15, 2012

He stuck in his thumb and pulled out a...Raspberry!

The other day the boys were having a special treat...raspberries! My boys can down a half-pint each easily, so we don't get them all too often, but when raspberries go "on sale" at the grocery store I will sometimes snatch them up! 

During their meal I looked over and saw this... 

...isn't that priceless?!!  I know one of the "unwritten rules" of parenting is to not let kids play with their food...but come on, this is priceless!  We encourage all forms of creativity over here!  Unless it is extremely unsafe or dangerous of course!  But we do messes pretty well in these parts, and a lot of times creativity is just a fun name for messy!  ;-)

I love these lil' guys! 


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goatpod2 said...

We don't buy raspberries since we can pick them ourselves here on our farm!