Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby Girl News!

I feel like it's been too long since we had a Baby Girl update on this blog!  So here is what we're up to recently!  :-)

I am still going weekly to the doctor.  I see my OBGYN every two weeks and my Perinatal Specialist every two weeks (they are each of the off week of the other which makes for weekly visits).  

At my OB visit my doctor checks my weight (I'm up about 18 or so pounds at 25 weeks), he monitors my blood pressure (still good, and we're hoping it stays that way!) and I get to pee in a cup, heehee!  :-)  Oh the joys of obstetrical visits!  I also get to see our sweet baby on the sonogram at each visit.  My doctor does a free courtesy sono for his pregnant patients at each awesome is that!  I would have to get them anyways regardless since I'm high risk, but I still love that all the other ladies that go to my doctor get to see their little ones a lot more often than the average pregnant patient.  Baby Girl always looks so cute in the sono and her heart beat is almost always 155 bpm at my visits.  She's pretty predictable!

At my Perinatal Dr. visit the doctor checks on the baby (more sonos!) and makes sure that everything is measuring accordingly.  At our last sonogram she was sucking her little thumb during it...SOOO, SOOO PRECIOUS!  The Dr. also checks my cervix (I know most of you don't need this much detail, but I'm writing it more for my own reference!  My cervix is still measuring great (it was about 3.3 cm before my cerclage at 14 weeks and now it's about 3.2 cm at 25 weeks, so that is awesome!). 

Here is a *sort of* recent preggie pic...I think this was at about 20 weeks or so...I seriously need another one! Since it is about 5 weeks behind where I am right now!

Ooh...I forgot I had this one...isn't this group of cousins/cousins-in-laws so cute!  We are (left to right) Rachel-at a little over 24 weeks, Me-just one day behind Rachel!, Tirzah at about 16 weeks and Molly at 8 weeks!  4 precious little babies, cooking away in their mama's bellies!  :

We've also started shopping for Baby Girl.  She's already getting prepared for next summer!  The boys had fun picking out these outfits.  After we brought them home I had them sitting on my desk in the kitchen.  I walked in there one day and found Johnathan staring wistfully at the little dresses.  He had the sweetest look on his face and said "Mom, I just can't wait for my baby sister to be born.  I love my baby sister so much."  Aww...heart melt moment!

And this week I started a few little projects for Baby Girl's room.  I painted one of our old TV trays to use as a little side table by the nursing chair.  I also repainted an old lamp and recovered the shade in the fabric that I'll be using throughout her room.  

Isn't this print the cutest fabric ever?!!  I love the colors and can't wait to finish up her sweet little room. 

So that's what we're up to these days regarding sweet Baby Girl.  Oh, and just a quick note regarding her movements...she is not nearly as active as the boys were in the womb.  I feel her moving around in the morning (while I'm sitting at my desk or eating) and in the mid-afternoon.  And then at night (usually around 10 or 11) she moves like crazy!  I don't know if this means she'll be a little night owl or what, but her little kicking schedule is pretty predictable.  I think that when I'm up and about during the day she is lulled to sleep by all the hopefully she'll be a snuggly little baby and like to be held! :-)  I can't wait for Baby Girl snuggles!


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Gail said...

I love baby snuggles too! I'm excited to get some Auntie-neice time in too. ;)

All the outfits are adorable! So cute & frilly. I loved hearing about your preggy update too, you look awesome!

Love you! & Baby Girl!