Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Playing Catch Up (Part 1)

Wowzers! Time has been flying by here at the hive since Sister joined our family!  She's already 8 weeks old, and she has added so much to our family.  The boys are still completely in love with her, no jealousy issues at all.  It is precious to watch them love on her.  She is one blessed little girl!  Overall she has been a fairly easy baby.  She did have some reflux issues that were interrupting her sleep at night that we sorted out, and she is now sleeping much better.  At 5 and half weeks she had already gotten up to 9 pounds, and she has outgrown a lot of her clothes already...sniff, sniff.  She brings our family a ton of joy each day, and we're so thankful for her sweet life.     

We've been faithfully doing our school each day these past weeks and are onto week 12 of our homeschooling adventure this fall.  Johnathan has started reading full sentences, and he is enjoying the math portion of his school day the most.  Eli has learned to write his name and enjoys his daily work pages in his pre-school curriculum.

Aaron has continued to stay busy with work, church stuff and flag football.  And I have been busy with just keeping things in order around here and taking care of my 3 lil munchkins. I'm still selling things from my Etsy shop too.  It keeps me just busy enough to make it worthwhile and not so busy that it stresses me out.  It's a fun little hobby!

Here is a sampling of photos of life over the past few weeks.....

Part 2 coming up!


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