Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Popping in to Say Hello!

Just thought I'd pop in here since it's been like a MONTH since I last posted.  Yikes! Our life is non-stop with our three lil' munchkins, and I guess I need to be better about documenting it here...although if you follow me on Instagram you have a pretty good idea of what our life is like!  #itsabeautifulmess

Our days are kept busy with the boys' school, looking after Sister's needs and keeping the house relatively under control.  I am really enjoying this "simple" phase of life.  This time where everyone needs me and I can meet those needs fairly easy.  It really is a sweet life, and I enjoy my days with my babies.

We're looking forward to spring around here, and have enjoyed several nice days this week outside. The boys are already talking swimming and water guns and all the fun activities that spring/summer will bring.  And Sister, my she is getting so big...6 months already!  Wow!  She's the light of all of our lives.  The boys continue to adore her which makes my heart swell for so many reasons.

Anyways, that's it for now.  I'll have to hop back on later to update with some pictures.



Gail said...

I love this crazy, yet simple stage of life too with the boys and glad we're in this motherhood journey as sisters together! Love you so much!!


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