Monday, May 26, 2014

Sweet Eli {4 Years Old}

This past weekend has been a whirlwind of activity, the most important being the celebration of our sweet Eli's 4th birthday!  What a precious addition he is to our family.  He brings us so much joy, love and energy!  He is such a lovey boy and his favorite things to do are give us hugs and kisses...all day long...such a sweetie!  He especially enjoys loving on his baby sister and takes any chance he can to plant a big kiss on her or give her a squeeze.  He and Johnathan are such good little buddies, and my heart is often full to the point of exploding when I see the bond of love between them.  Our lives just wouldn't be as full without our precious boy, and we are forever grateful to the Lord for sparing his precious life on his birth day 4 years ago!  Thank you Jesus for our sweet Eli.

We love you so much, sweet boy!


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