Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Only 2 weeks old, and already a little piggy!

Johnathan had his 2 week check-up yesterday, and he had already gained a whopping 1 pound since his 6 day check up! He is now up to 6 lbs. 8.5 oz. and is quite the little piggy...eating almost every hour and a half sometimes! I'm trying my best to keep up with his healthy appetite, and as a result I'm losing the weight! Yay! I'm down over 20 pounds since delivery, and have about 25 more to go to reach my "goal" weight! Hooray for breastfeeding babies who take the calories off their mommas!

In other check-up news, it seems as if Johnathan has gotten something other than his good looks from his daddy...allergies! Yes, our poor baby is an allergy sufferer at only 2 weeks! We have been noticing that he's been a little sneezey since birth, and Tuesday we woke up to find that he had a stuffy little nose and watery eyes to go with it. Johnathan's doctor confirmed that it is indeed allergies, and since there's not too much you can do to help it in a 2 week old, he'll just have to power through it, poor thing.

We are very much enjoying the new baby phase of our parenting journey, and we have fun taking turns holding our precious boy. Aaron calls me a "baby snatcher" when I try to take Johnathan away from him. It's such a joy for me to see how much Aaron loves his son. Now, when I look at Aaron, I can't help but to see our little boy, and I hope that Johnathan will grow up to be a wonderful man just like his father.


The Kramer Family said...

Praise the Lord! Sounds like you guys are enjoying and treasuring every moment. It is sooooo worth the sleepless nights (if there are any:) and they will soon be a distant memory.

KK had allergies too. I totally know how you feel because you can't really do much but get out the 'booger sucker' and who likes to do that??? Not me.

So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Blessed Johnathan, doing what baby boys love!! Their Nummies from their mummies!! So sorry about the allergy problem, so many have it, like Aaron and your Papa. Part of life, I guess.

Your mom told about your leaving CC May 6 for a months stay. You will be able to have more help here with everyone taking turns caring for you three precious ones. We'll stand in line and wait for our turn :) Love you 3 so much!!! Mema & Papa