Thursday, May 1, 2008

One Month Birthday!

Today marks Johnathan's one month birthday! *Happy Birthday, dear baby boy!* It's hard to believe that he's already been with us (outside my belly) for one whole month! Time is flying by, and in just one month Johnathan has changed so much.

This past week on Monday, Johnathan had a visit to his doctor to check on some reflux issues that he seemed to be having. The poor little guy's been spitting up a ton, so we wanted to see what the problem was. Johnathan's doctor wanted to do an upper GI just to make sure that nothing more serious was happening, so on Tuesday we went to Driscoll Children's hospital, and Johnathan had an X-ray to check out his insides. Everything came back normal, thank the Lord, and it looks like he's just dealing with normal baby reflux. He's on some medicine to help settle his tummy, and we've also tried to keep up upright as much as possible to prevent his food from coming back up. At night he's been sleeping in his bouncy chair, and the incline seems to really help his ability to sleep. What a change from the sleepless nights we were having when he slept flat in his bassinet.

Here are some pics from today of our dear boy. He's grown to about 8 pounds (what a chunk!), and is over 20 inches long now. We are still enjoying every second with our little guy...even the late nights and early mornings!:)


The Kramer Family said...

He is beautiful! His skin tone is gorgeous and I love his little sweet rolls. I'm glad little Johnathan is getting some relief. Reflux is not fun!


Jamye Aldape said...

Happy birthday to the "tiny little man." Can't wait to see him again and you two also.
Love to all!!

Mom said...

Hi Grace,

We're counting down the days until you all come up and visit. It seems like such a long time since I was down in Corpus.

Johnathan has so many people that want to meet him. His Grammy just wants to hold him and see how big he has gotten.

I'm glad to hear that everyone is getting some relief from Johnathan's reflux issue. What precious and loving parents you and Aaron are to see to each and every need that he has!!

We're preparing a place for you all and can't wait for the happy reunion!



Gwen said...

You're right, Grace! Johnathan has grown a lot and is starting to look more like a little boy! How cute:) Hope y'all had a great first month birthday together!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Precious Johnathan!!! We so thought about YOU on your one month birtday! Papa and I just now "saw" what a big boy you are and can't wait to see you when that time comes!!!Other babies have had reflux. Babies outgrow it, so be patient:) We love you three very much!! Blessings and safety on your trip up north!!! Papa & Mema

Dad said...

Happy one month B-day to little Johnaron! By the looks of things, it sure appears like he's got his daddy's healthy appetite! Won't be long before South Texas will be in for some serious chili dog supply shortages!

Love you all!