Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweet Potato Sweetie Pie

A couple of weeks ago Johnathan celebrated his 6 month birthday. In lieu of 1/2 of a candle and a cake we had sweet potatoes!!! He LOVED them, and gobbled 'em right up...after making just one or two of those timeless faces that babies make when tasting something unfamiliar. It was pretty darn cute. Johnathan seems to really like the orange veggies that he's had so far, and although he hasn't totally shunned the green peas, he doesn't seem to just love them either.

I'm enjoying this new stage of babyhood/mommyhood. It's a pleasure to watch my little boy grow and try out new things. Here are some pictures of my sweet potato sweetie pie! What a cutie! ;)


Pine Pod Farm said...

What a little cutie pie for sure! All my niece's enjoyed the sweet potatoes too and my now 3 year old niece loved the mangoes but to find out our Wal-Mart was the only one that sold them so we would buy for her when she was in that stage of solid food ( baby food ) and she liked guava and other fruits like that and she loves her veggies ( but she is a vegetarian after all like her Mommy- my sis-in-law ).

Glenna said...

Ahh this little guy just keeps getting cuter and cuter! How awesome!! I can't wait to see him in person and you and Aaron too! Just a week and a half, right? WOW!

Vanessa and John said...

OMG!! He is SOOO cute! I didn't have the link so i had to look thru my old posts! So big! You know he looks like his daddy! :) I will talk to John about getting you guys over (or vice versa) so we can hang out! :)