Friday, November 7, 2008

Entering a New Era

Yesterday was the beginning of a new era here in the Aldape household. The era of Cheerios! I tried giving some to Johnathan a couple of weeks ago, and although he seemed to like eating them, he couldn't quite get them into his mouth all on his own. So, yesterday, while preparing dinner, I decided to give it another go and poured out quite a spread of those tasty little o's. Baby J. immediately picked up a handful and stuffed them into his mouth...and he kept on going. I think I gave him about 3 "refills" of Cheerios, and though some ended up on the floor a lot went into his mouth. It was pretty cute to watch him feed himself. He seemed very pleased with his new ability, and I was able to make dinner without a hitch. Nice!

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glenna said...

How exciting to be in new stage!!! Wow Baby J. sure is photogenic, I miss that little boy!!! Love you all!!