Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In the Doghouse

Nope, this post isn't about Aaron misbehaving *wink*, it's actually about our dog, Bo. The bookends of my day on Sunday were a matching set. Both filled with anxiety and frustration at that dang dog. And, as much as I would love to keep Bo outside in the doghouse, I can't, and here's why...

...Sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful. I got Baby J. up, let the dog out to do his business, made my morning cup of coffee, and before I sat down to enjoy the beginning of my day I went to bring Bo into the house. Well, I looked outside in the backyard, and no Bo. Front yard, same story, no Bo. He had run away from our home for the very first time the day before, so I packed up Johnathan in the stroller and took a walk hoping to try and find him where he had been the previous day. I didn't want to wake up Aaron because he was starting his night shift that night and needed the extra rest. So, out we struck looking for our "lost" dog. I was certain that we'd find him the next street over, but after searching his normal walking route we still hadn't caught sight of him. Defeated, we started for home to get Aaron up so we could drive around looking for him.

After Aaron woke we again headed out. We drove to the nearby park, and while we saw 3 yellow labs, none of them were Bo. Then we headed to drive the route that Aaron takes when he and Bo go for a jog. Still, no Bo. As a last resort, we decided to take a look where we occasionally walk down by the ocean. Lo and behold, there was Bo, soaking wet from his morning swim in the ocean, happy as a clam! We were so thankful that 1) Bo hadn't been hit while crossing 4 lanes of traffic to get across to the water, and 2) that he was able to make it back up the seawall after swimming. After giving Bo some very firm "no's" Aaron walked him home, and I drove back with Johnathan.

The "books" of my day, in between the bookends, were great. I spent time with my wonderful husband and son. Got caught up on a few things around the house. And, in general, just enjoyed the day.

Fast forward to 10:30pm Sunday evening. Aaron was at work, Johnathan was asleep in bed, and I was just about to head there myself. So, I let Bo out for his evening bathroom break, took my vitamins, brought in the laundry and, wanting to make sure that I didn't leave Bo out too long, I opened the door to let him in...except that he wasn't there!!! Aaahhhh! I called Aaron to tell him what had happened, he told me to call my aunt who I did not want to call figuring she'd already gone to bed. Anyways, at Aaron's insistence I called her cell phone, no answer. I called her home phone, no answer. Finally, and reluctantly, I called my uncle's cell and he sleepily answered "hello?" I then explained what had happened, asking if my aunt could come over and watch Johnathan while I went to look for Bo. She was more than happy to come (thanks so much, Aunt Jennifer!) and arrived a little before 11:00pm. We ended up getting Johnathan out of bed so we could drive around in her truck looking for Bo...our second vehicle is not working, or else I would have loaded up Johnathan right after Bo went missing to look for him. I was expecting another long search for Bo, but no, he was less than a block away, again, as happy as a clam. I jumped out of my aunt's truck, and after he slunk over to me, tail between his legs, I gave him some less than friendly slaps on his head and walked him home. What a day!

Thankfully Johnathan was able to go back to sleep fairly soon after I got him back in bed, and hopefully my aunt was able to as well. After I simmered down I was able to fall asleep too, and Bo, well he acted just as if nothing had happened...but must wonder why I now have to babysit him while he does his business in the yard. Needless to say, this warranted a call to the vet, and pretty soon Bo will not be quite so macho as before, and hopefully will stick around home a little better.


The Kramer Family said...

Ha! How funny! We have similar dogs- except ours is less macho too now after his adventure.

That is quite the story that Bo went for a dip in the ocean. He is the typical lab.

Thanks for sharing!

Pine Pod Farm said...

LOL, we had a similar dog here too, she was supposed to be a guard dog for our goats though and we live on a dangerous intersection and she went over the fence while a car was delivering some fencing to us though and he told us that there was a white dog ( Great Pyrenees ) running up our lane and we said oh no that's Deja but she passed away almost 3 years ago though but we got two very active pups, they're brother and sister and they're almost 2 years old but they've been fixed since they were 3 mos. old though.


Amanda said...

I heard on a dog show on TV that you should always greet your runaway dog with lots of petting so that he knows that when he comes home he'll get loving, not yelling. But it's so hard to be nice when they've been so naughty! :D