Monday, September 27, 2010

Bragging on Our Boys!

Lately both Johnathan and Eli have been showing us a side of their respective personalities that we haven't seen before. Both of them have us cracking up pretty much from the time they awake until after lights out. They are both too cute, and have such vibrant little personalities!

Some of the moments that make us melt are as follows...

-First thing in the morning, most mornings, Johnathan will run to the fridge and pull it open for "a snack." When I ask him what he wants he'll tap his pointer finger on his chin and say "hmm, let me see" until he picks something out! Too cute!

-Sometimes Johnathan will want us to come look at something that he's done or come play with him. If we're busy and tell him to wait just a minute he'll turn around, put his hands down at his sides, slump his shoulders and walk away saying "I'm sad."...oh my goodness, it's pitiful, and gets us every time! Especially when he adds, "I'm crying" to his sad statement!

-Eli might only be 4 months old, but boy does he have a crazy little personality already! He is starting to grab for everything...and when he gets really excited he screams! He will literally scream out, and it's so funny! He also loves to be tickled, and has the cutest little laugh. I haven't caught it on camera yet, but trust me, it is the most adorable thing!

-Eli {LoVeS} his big brother, seriously, when he sees Johnathan his little face lights up, and he smiles probably the most at him. And Johnathan loves him right back. They are really sweet together, and I can't wait to see them really get to play together when Eli is a bit bigger. Johnathan is already sharing his toys with him...even his coveted I can only imagine that they're are going to have a great time when Eli is old enough to interact more.

In addition to showing us some of their cute personality traits, our little guys are also budding in their learning too. Eli can roll from back to front, and loves to play with the toys that hang over his playmat and on his bouncer. Johnathan has really been loving puzzles, and can now do the wooden jigsaw puzzles that we have for him quite easily. I am super proud of him because they are pretty difficult...the biggest one is 24 pieces, and they are just wooden pieces on top of a plain board, so you can't "cheat" by seeing what piece goes where, you just have to figure it out...which he does all by himself! Such a smartie pants!

Johnathan is also talking up a storm. Just a few weeks ago he would mainly speak in a sentences of just a few words. Now he speaks in full sentences with the correct usage of "I", "me", "you", etc. It is fun to see him learning, and I am really enjoying being able to talk with him and communicate better.

Alrighty folks, I'm out. The doc is gone, the boys are asleep, so I am going to go relax and have mommy-time! Yippee!!! ;)


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Gail said...


What a sweet post. I always love hearing about what's going on in your hive....sounds like the "bees" are keeping you busy, both laughing and mothering. ;0)

Let's catch up soon....