Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Yesterday

September 14, a day that is memorable for many reasons...and yet a day that seemed to slip my mind yesterday, well, sort of. A year ago yesterday was the anniversary of a dear friend's death. An unexpected, tragic death that left so many with questions that can't be answered and with hearts aching. I was thinking about this friend yesterday, and about her family. It's hard to believe that already a year has passed since we got the news that she was seems like just yesterday.

This morning when Aaron was getting ready to go to work he asked me if it was the, I replied the 15th and then asked why...he reminded that yesterday was our sweet Daniel's 6th Heaven could I have forgotten??? It completely slipped my mind, probably because I was thinking of my friend's Heaven-going, and was also knee deep in just-back-from-out-of-town laundry and in super clean-up mode...still, I felt bad, awful even. But, I know how much I love my sweet baby, and yet again can't believe that another year has gone by...I can't believe that 6 years have passed since I felt his sweet presence inside of seems like just yesterday.

For some reason I can't remember the year, but I do remember that on September 14th I was baptized. I remember when Daniel was born thinking that it was special that he went to Heaven on the same date that I professed to the world that I was a follower of Christ through baptism. It was nice feeling some kind of connection to him, being able to share something with him even though I would miss out on sharing his life. Something to hold onto until I got to see him in that great faraway land that is really just a breath away.

So, yesterday is being remembered today. The events of the past have not been forgotten and will be thought of today and in the days to come...and as with all things circumstances and happenings deeply felt, it always feels like it was just yesterday.


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