Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Little Fluffy Butt

I have started a new endeavor with my sweet lil' Eli...cloth diapers! (This was the exciting news I was talking about in a previous post!) We started switching over to cloth from disposable last the encouragement from a friend here in CC who is the queen of cloth diapers! ;) So far I am loving it for several reasons:

1) Eli was starting to have lots of "blow-outs" with his disposable diapers which meant lots of outfits were getting poo all over them as well as whatever he was sitting on---yuck! We haven't had any blow-outs with the cloth...and believe me we've put them to the test (i.e. he had a major poop while jumping in his jumperoo and no mess outside of the diaper! Yay!)

2) It feels rewarding to sort of be more "natural" in the area of, it's way more "green" than throwing at least 6 or more diapers a day straight into the trash that eventually end up in some land fill somewhere rotting away for years and years . I'm not a tree hugger or anything, but it does feel good to be able to use something you don't just throw away.

3) They are super soft and comfy and they will grow with Eli as he gets bigger. The brand I bought is called rump.a.rooz, and they fit a newborn all the way up to 35 pounds by having several snaps on the front that adjust the diaper size. It's actually pretty cool! I bought them from my friend, Kyndal, aka the queen of cloth, from her baby boutique that she recently started up. It is nice to be able to support the endeavors of a sweet, stay at home mom. Kyndal is passionate about motherhood, and offers in her boutique several things that she enjoys using as a mommy to her sweet daughter.

4) And, maybe this should have been at the top of the list...they are super cute! There are several prints that are just totally favorite that we have is the fire trucks print...and even the solid colors are pretty cute.

5) I actually like washing the diapers, and love how fresh and clean they smell when I'm getting them ready for Eli to use again.

6) Eli's little bum looks so cute and fluffy in his new diapers...he's my little fluffy butt!

Anyways, those are just a few reasons why I am enjoying cloth! Here are some pics of my precious cloth diaper baby!

Now isn't he just precious?!! Yeah, I think so too!!! Bye for now, y'all!



Gail said...

Gracie....he IS so precious! Those are lots of good reasons you got there for switching to cloth diapers....though you never mentioned that in the long run it is much cheaper too! Hopefully I'll be right behind you in a few months after I get the hang of just having a baby period!

Love you lots Green Mommy!


Anonymous said...

Do y'all say butt instead of bottom to Johnathan? That was a major "no no" to us growing up but seems to be the norm now. We do...:) Just wondering.

Love you guys-and your little fluffy butt, Eli that is:)