Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things I Want to Remember

Going through life things happen and change so quickly that little incidents, major or minute, often get forgotten. Here are some things that have happened recently that I want to remember. Some sweet little happenings in our hive of a home!

-Yesterday Johnathan busted out of our bedroom closet where he had been hiding. He began to excitedly tell me about going to the park (which we were just about to do) and he totally forgot that he had taken a little sneak of Eli's pacifier, and it was still in his mouth! I asked him what was in his mouth, and he had the cutest look on his face like, "uh-oh, you caught me!" Johnathan has been without his own pacifier completely for about a month or so. I wonder how many times he has sneaked off to suck on Eli's paci?!!

-When Johnathan is calling for either Aaron or me (Dada or Mama) he will often get us mixed up and call us the wrong name, however, he corrects himself mid-name...for example, if he's calling for me and gets mixed up say "Da-ma" or calling for Aaron he'll say "Ma-da"'s pretty cute!

-Johnathan is a puzzle genius! Seriously, the little dude loves puzzles and is amazing at working them. A few weeks ago I went to Target to get him some more board puzzles...just wooden jigsaw pieces on a plain board...and I bought him 3 new ones figuring it would take him at least a few days to figure them out. Wrong. He did them all super fast the first time he worked them. So, now we're up to regular jigsaw puzzles that you buy in a box and just work on the floor or on the table. He is excellent at those too! Such a little smartie pants!

And, so as to not leave little mister Eli out...

-Eli is our little roly-poly. He has been rolling over, both ways...front to back, back to front...for about a month now. One of his favorite things to do right now is to grab onto my arm when I'm changing him and wrestle it. It's so cute! He wraps his arms around my arm, pulls it close to him and rolls around. Precious!

Happy Weekend!



Lettered Cottage said...

What an absolutely delightful, heartwarming post!

Thank you for sharing it! :-)


Gail said...

Gracie...this post is so cute.....Johnathan is so funny....sneaky little guy. Haha!