Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not Quite Sure What To Do ;)

Tonight I find myself on one of those rare occasions where I have the evening all to myself. My boys...all 3 of them...are tucked in bed, and it is only a bit past 7:45! I am really not quite sure what to do as it is a rare, dare I say treat (!) to have a night to do whatever I want! For now I suppose I will do some catching up on this blog diary of mine!

For those of you who have noticed a lack in posts these last few weeks it was due to our extended stay away from home for the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. It just so happened that our dear Dr. Aldape had an elective rotation wedged in between two of the busiest and joyous holidays of the year, and it just so happened that the rotation was located within a stones throw away from our families, and thankfully I had a free schedule, *wink*, so the boys and I came with him...gotta love being a stay at home mom! ;)

We are now back home and getting into the swing of things again, which is always nice, and of course a little bittersweet since we are missing our family. BUT, we have lots of wonderful memories that we will keep with us until we're able to make some more. AND, we sure did miss our "Dear W's" it's nice to be here in the same town again with them! (We love you, Whitehurst Family!)

Of course I have lots of pics to post, but I think that I will wait for another day to do that. For now I am going to enjoy doing whatever it is that I come up with to do...maybe I will just do nothing, haha, wouldn't that be a change! ;)



goatpod2 said...

Glad you had a good time with family, enjoy your evening! My brother-in-law is doing his rotation in general surgery right now.


Gwen said...

Hope you're having or had a fun night!

Love you and definitely miss you guys!

Gail said...

I miss you guys already and can't wait for Spring to come when you'll be moving back! Yay! I think if I had some time to myself I wouldn't know what to do either...I'd know what I SHOULD do...clean this dirty house of mine! I'm so behind the bathrooms haven't been cleaned in over a month! But honestly....if I had a few minutes to myself I wouldn't use it to clean...I'd probably just sleep!

I hope you enjoyed your time.....whatever you did. ;p

Love you lots,