Thursday, January 20, 2011

Does This {Candle} Make Me Look Fat???!

Okay, so I love really, really love them. I don't know, there is just something about the aroma they give throughout the house that seriously brightens my day. If you come to my home on any given day, at any given time, I almost always will have at least one or more candles lit...sometimes one in every room! Aah, so least for my sense of smell, haha!

Anyways...the other day, as I walked from room to room smelling the delicious scents I started having all sorts of cravings for the food that the candles smelled like...creme brulee, butter pecan pie, warm cinnamon sugar, vanilla cupcakes, etc...they all smelled sooo good...but it was all just scent, not the "real" deal and boy, my stomach did not know the difference and wanted to eat some sweets right then and there. So...thankfully I keep a bit of sugary/chocolatey stuff on hand, and I ate up anything that my tummy wanted, haha! Craving satisfied! ;)

So...does this candle make me look fat??? Probably!!! I need to get a hold of things and maybe move onto candle scents that aren't based on a food item. Maybe it's time to move onto floral scents or something, just so long as it's not an edible flower or who knows, I might start craving them too!

Happy Thursday!



Anonymous said...

LOL, that is one reason we don't keep food smelling candles here though but then again we don't light candles all the time here since my Mom can't handle strong smells because of her asthma.


Practically Ava said...

It is funny how food candles make us want to just EAT!!! i try to avoid those at all cost!! I LOVE the Darsee and David candles from Hobby Lobby .....Basil and Red Clover Tea and White Tea and Thyme! These don't really make me want to eat!
Hope you all are doing well!
Love Kayla

Gail said...

That's funny, Gracie! I remember Mom used to have a "cinnamon bun" candle and everytime I would smell it I would crave cinnamon rolls cause it smelled exactly like the real deal!

Love and good cravings,