Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Mister Independent

It's funny how much personality Eli has. At only 8 months old he is already little mister independent...especially when it comes to eating...and loves to do things all by himself. I started him on "solid" baby food, which is really just like soupy veggies and fruits, about a month ago. He did okay at first, but now as soon as he sees that spoon of goo coming toward his mouth he throws such a fit. He'll hide behind his hands, clench his jaw so that I can't open it and pretty much do all he can within his power to NOT eat the food...but, give him some cut up pieces of food or offer him something he can chew and he's all about it, haha! So, we're skipping the spoon-fed stage and going straight to the "big boy" stuff...stuff like pancakes, and small pieces of soft fruits and veggies...oh, and meat sticks, the Gerber baby ones that look like little hot dogs...he LOVES those! It feels sort of weird to just let him feed himself at this stage, but I got the approval from his doctor and now I don't have to stress about him not eating his baby mush. Now I just have to come up with creative ways to make soft baby food that can be picked up and eaten! I sure hope that he gets more teeth in soon because right now he is pretty much just gumming it all!

I know that I've been horrible about posting photos lately...so here are a few from Christmastime that I stole from my sisters' facebook accounts, haha! Oh, and speaking of Christmas, I have to do a post about that soon, seeing as it's a month behind us and I still haven't blogged about Eli's First Christmas! Hopefully that will be coming soon! ;)

Much love,


goatpod2 said...

My 9 year old niece, 6 year old niece, and 4 year old niece all used to love the Gerber meat sticks. My 5 year old niece and almost 2 year old nephew are vegetarians.



Gail said...

Gracie...isn't motherhood full of surprises? I guess there's no such thing as a cookie cutter kid. :) Love the sweet pictures of your little men...and LOVE YOU!