Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eli's Talkin'!

Eli, what a fun little guy he is! These days at almost a year and a half he is quite the little talker, which I attribute to his hanging out with big brother Johnathan who could talk the ears off a deaf mule...the boy likes to talk! ;) Anyhoo, back to Eli...

Here are some of the words he's saying these days:

"Mama" (of course!...but he refers to most adults as Mama -even Aaron, haha- so I don't feel too special)
"Bo" (our dog)
"Buh-Ball" (Football)
"Boh-Ball" (Dodge Ball, a game we play frequently!)
"Ball" (yep, he likes anything to do with balls!)
"Bubba" (his nickname for brother Johnathan...which is adorable when he says it!)
"Moh" (more)
"Keh" (catch)
"My" (mine)
"Awa" (agua, water)
"Gay-koo" (thank you)
"Boo" (boo!)
"Ah-nah" (all done)

(Edited to add the following {10/28/11})
"Ep" (help)
"Aw Ih" (watch this)
"Coo coo" (cookie)

He will repeat words that I tell him frequently too, but the list above are common things he will say on a regular basis. It's pretty fun seeing him develop, and to see what new things he is learning. So far he hasn't learned the word "no" but he definitely knows what it means when I tell that to him...not that he always obeys, mind you, but he certainly understands what I mean! And, for any of you new moms out there that might read this, don't think that just because your baby can't talk a whole bunch that he/she can't understand you. Oh no, they understand way more than they want us to think they do! ;) Case in point, the other day Eli walked up to me asking for "awa" (water) and I told him that his water was on the table next to his chair...and what did he do but walk right over exactly to where I had told him it was! Ha! He can't fool me anymore when he is pretending to not understand me! ;)

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Gail said...

Precious, Grace!! It's amazing how much they understand...and it's sooo cool that he's able to communicate with you too! Speaking of developing, Cole took his first steps on Sunday! Woohoo!


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KellyW said...

I love baby talk! Glad things are going so well!

Mom said...

These posts are such a good way to document the boys lives. Gone are the days of the "baby book". It's now the baby blog. Love you and love keeping up through these posts.

jeremy said...

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