Thursday, April 12, 2012

When You Have Boys You Buy {BUGS}!!!

When you have boys bugs are just a fact of life.  Little boys spot them the dirt (while digging in it!) our house-yuck (although Johnathan will happily grab them up for me now with a kleenex and dispose of them for me! Score!)...flying through the air (Eli will scream "bu-bu-bu" when he sees one)!  Bugs are just everywhere for sweet little searching eyes to see!

So, seeing that I have two little boys, two little bug-lovin' boys, I decided on a whim to buy some bugs the other day when I was at our local nursery.  They sell the good kind of bugs there, ladybugs!  Natural pest controllers!

We brought our thousand or so ladybugs home and waited until dusk to let them out.  We sprinkled them over our bushes and in our strawberry plants and anywhere and everywhere we wanted them to go.  The boys LOVED it, and I did too!

Here are my two little bug lovin' dudes!



goatpod2 said...

Cute! My almost 7 year-old niece was always fascinated looking at bugs, etc. though. 3 of my niece's were into dinosaurs, etc.

Did you know there are some bugs that look like ladybugs (called Asian lady beetles) they bite and have a nasty odor!


Ivy said...

I am do going to do that!