Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Afterglow: {4th of July}

Wow, yesterday was awesome!  Our day was jam packed full with the best kind of fun you could hope for on the 4th of July. 

We started our day out by attending our towns annual 4th of July parade.  It was simple, but fun...we saw the local fire department trucks decked out in 4th of July banners, girl scout and boy scout troops riding in homemade floats cheering "Happy 4th of July!", the mayor riding in a convertible with her grandkids, and other local groups riding & walking by, passing out candy to the kids.  It was great!

Then we geared up for an afternoon of fun at the splash park/pool.  Our community opened the pool for free admission for everyone for the 4th so it was super crowded, but still tons of fun.  We spent about 3 hours there, eating, swimming, and enjoying the warm sun and cool water!

After that it was naps for the boys (they were wiped out and needed re-charging for the fun night ahead!) and a little down time for mom & dad.  Aaron's folks came over during the afternoon and we all hung out 'til the little dudes woke up.  Then we enjoyed some time playing with the boys until the evening festivities were ready to begin. 

At dinner time we gathered up the boys and headed out to baseball park adjoined to the splash park where there was a town carnival or sorts set up....tons of bounce houses, face painting, food, drinks and a live band.  We ate, the boys enjoyed the bounce houses, and Aaron and I & Nana and Papi enjoyed watching their crazy antics.  Later we met up with some friends at the spot they had staked out to watch fireworks just to hang out for a bit.  The boys did those Pop-Its things with their pals, throwing what seemed hundreds of them on the sidewalk, and Aaron and I were able to enjoy some time talking to our friends.  Nana & Papi stayed back in order to stake our own fireworks watching spot!  :-)

Around 9ish we walked to our own fireworks watching spot, right across from the baseball fields and got ready for the show.  We didn't know what to expect since this was our first 4th of July to spend in our town, and boy oh boy, were we in for a treat!  The fireworks display was spectacular, they shot right over the baseball fields we were adjacent to, and it went on for literally 30 minutes.  It was awesome!  The music played as the fireworks shot into the air, the loud booms and cracks all around us, and the bright colors right in front of us, exploding into the night sky.  Even the man on the moon was enjoying the show, his "face" gazing right at the fireworks from where we were sitting.  It was beautiful!

All in all it was a very Mayberry sort of day.  The kind of day you spend just enjoying where you live, the people you live with and the friends that live around you.

God bless America, and all the sacrifices that have been made (and are being made) to keep us free!



In all the fun yesterday I forgot to take pictures, but I do have these two sweet faces that I captured a week or so ago to leave you with!.....

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