Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Water-y Wednesday! ;-)

Today has been a day full of water-y fun.  We hit the splash park with my sister and her sweet lil' boy "Baby Cold" as my boys refer to him as, cute! heehee! (his name is Cole) and we had a grand ol' time.  All the boys thoroughly enjoyed the water, and us mamas didn't melt like we normally do during our hot, Texas afternoons.  The temps were just right to enjoy the water and the sunshine!

We got home and played for a bit before having to say good-bye to Cole, and I decided to let the boys skip their afternoon naps so they'd be good and tired and ready for an early bedtime...haha, that completely backfired on me as you will see! ;-)

Aaron got home around 6 and after saying welcome home I went into the kitchen to prepare dinner.  After a few minutes I hear "Grace, what is this?!"...Eli was jumping in a big puddle-y wet spot on the carpet, enjoying the splish-splash sound he was making, right inside our bedroom door.  At first I thought he had spilled a cup of water or gone and dumped his bath toy tub of water on the floor, but nope, the water heater (right adjacent to our bedroom door) had busted.  More water-y "fun!"

Our great landlord came to the house and helped us to sop up the mess.  Our wonderful neighbor came over with her wet vac and dehumidifier to let us borrow in order to get things back to ship shape while we waited on the plumber to show up.  Our neighbor also noticed how rambunctious our little dudes were getting (already past their regular bedtime and way past their "early" bedtime I had hoped for), so she ran back home and back & brought over this awesome small trampoline for the boys to use that has a fun jump bar on it that you can hold while you jump so you don't fall off.  Those boys jumped, and jumped, and jumped, and jumped!  Thanks Miss Katherine!

After most of the craziness had stopped I put the boys to bed...a couple hours past their original planned bedtime.  Due to all the swimming, playing, no nap & jumping they were asleep quick!  Yay!  While I did that Aaron talked to the plumber who finally showed up.  Unfortunately the water heater doesn't have a cut-off valve, so all the house water has to be turned off so it doesn't keep leaking and it the water heater will have to be replaced.  That will hopefully happen tomorrow...that's what the plumber said and I'm going to hold him to it!  Right now I still smell like sunscreen and sweat...yuck!..and my hair is a day past due with washing...that was going to be my plan to do tonight, but alas it will have to wait!

Luckily for me I've been reading the Boxcar Children series to Johnathan, and even though it's fictional, reading about how those 4 kids made the most of what they had makes not having water for a day almost an adventure, haha!  The boys enjoyed their sponge bath earlier, and now Aaron is off on a water run so we can at least have something to drink/cook with...and can fill up the toilets with after we flush!  That is a must!  

So yes, it's been a water-y Wednesday, and we're making the best of it!


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Gail said...

We had so much fun at the splash park yesterday! Thank you for having us! Hope your water heater issues have been sorted out fun! :(

Love you,