Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{Our FAMILY Values}

A few weeks ago the disrespect, whining, selfishness and general bad attitude coming from our boys was at an all-time high...and I had had it!  It was starting to get miserable to wake up in the mornings to whiny boys only to have them transition into selfish little whiny boys who seemed only to care about getting their own way no matter the circumstance.  It was time for a good old fashioned family meeting!

We all sat down and talked about the biggest problems our family was facing regarding our attitudes and actions, and we all came up with a list of family values to remind ourselves daily (hourly!) of what our family stands for.  We also talked about when one of our values isn't followed that there would be consequences of making that choice.  

Even though the boys can't read yet I think that it is important to have this written down.  I placed it right in our living room so we can refer to it whenever an issue comes up that needs addressing!  I think that it has already helped tremendously, and a lot of the bad attitudes have vanished!  Praise God!  :-)

This whole parenting thing is such a journey, and I'm so thankful for what God is teaching me along the way.


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Mom said...

I LOVE this!! Especially the fact that you came up with your values as a family. And yes, it's all about Jesus, everyday.

Love you, Mom