Thursday, January 10, 2013

{Sweet Gideon}

{I wrote this for our sweet Gideon James on December 19, 2012.  I was unable to post it to my blog at the time so I'm adding it now.}

Sweet Gideon, today marks nine years since you went to be with Jesus...nine years.  I can't believe that almost a third of my life has been spent missing you, wondering what you would have been like, knowing that I would have fallen more in love with your sweet little self every day.  I imagine you would have been a lot like your brothers...energetic, goofy and full of boyish mischief.  You would have undoubtedly loved wrestling around with them and with your dad.  And I'm pretty sure you would have loved getting my hugs just like your brothers do.  I miss you, sweet boy.  I tend to think of you as a baby since I lost you as one, but I can't help but to think that you've grown up in Heaven.  I bet you're an excellent helper with all the other babies and children that live there...especially with sweet little Daniel and your other siblings that are there too.  What a life you must live, every day in the presence of God, living in His light.  We miss you here and look forward to that great day when our family is whole again.  A day when there are no more tears and no more pain.  Until then know that I will keep on loving you, just as I always have.  

Love, Mama. 

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