Saturday, February 23, 2013

2nd Prenatal Visit w/ Our September Baby

This past Thursday I had my second prenatal visit with our little September baby. Since I have a few complications as a "normal" part of my pregnancies I usually have to go to the doctor a little more frequently than other ladies. At this point my Dr. is seeing me every two weeks...which means even more chances to see our little baby love! :-)

Compared to the ultrasound we got just two weeks ago (at 7 weeks) you can see the dramatic changes that have already occurred with our little baby.  Last time *she* (I'm convinced this one is a girl!) looked like a little bean, but on Thursday at 9 weeks along you could distinctly see *her* head, body and small arm and leg buds.  And *her* little heart was pumping away at 177 bpm!  (My boys' heart beats always ranged between 130-140 bpm which is one reason I think we're having a girl this time Dr. says I'm 50% right!  Haha!). 

I will go back to my doctor in another two weeks to continue checking on me and the baby.  So far everything is looking great and the baby is measuring right on track.  Thankfully morning sickness seems to be easing up this week.  It is still present throughout most of the day, worsening at night, but it is less severe than the last couple of weeks, so I am VERY grateful for that!  I am still pretty fatigued during the day, some days are better than others, and I think that I am less worn out than in previous weeks, but I still get pretty tired so I've been taking lots of time to rest and my sweet boys have been troopers while I've been down for the count on the couch or wherever I try to get a bit of shut eye. We have watched a lot of Phineas & Ferb lately!  ;-)

So all good news!  We are very grateful for this baby and can't wait for September!


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Gail said...

Sweet baby. :) So happy all is well. Love you!