Monday, February 25, 2013

Pregnancy is Weird...

...a couple of weeks ago the mere mention of a bean burrito sent me running for the trash can...yuck!  But today, bean burritos sounded pretty tasty and were a decent lunch.  Normally I {love} avocados, but lately I am just not a fan...I think it's the texture though, so I am avoiding them for the most part.  I have always just loved coffee, and Dr. Pepper and then that order pretty much.  But I can't even bring myself to drink a cup of coffee right now (which is good since I'm supposed to limit my caffeine anyways) and Dr. Pepper doesn't tempt me in the least and water...ugh!...but I HAVE to drink that, so I force it down.  These days I'm loving the blue Powerade.  There's just something about it that really quenches my thirst without making me feel ick.  :-)

And scents...let's see, I feel like I know what it must be like to be a bloodhound because I can smell everything!  And the only thing that has even slightly smelled "good" to me in the last several weeks is wet potting soil.  Haha!  That's a little strange, right?!  I was weeding out some of my potted plants and when I pulled up the weed and smelled the wet dirt that came with the roots it actually smelled pretty nice...fresh and earthy.  So no sweet scents for me right now...i.e. no candles or wearing perfume and even kissing my boys heads after they're all bathed and clean sort of makes me feel queasy...I can't wait 'til that goes away!  Oh and bacon...I like to eat it but the smell is atrocious...which is bad for me because on Saturday my sweet hubby began to make breakfast while I slept in a bit...I was rudely (yet sweetly) awakened by Johnathan running in to say that Daddy needed help...when I got to the kitchen it was completely filled with smoke...burnt bacon...EWWWWWW!!!  :-)  I think the smell is finally gone from the house today!

So yeah, pregnancy is weird.  You never know what tastes or smells might make you re-visit your last meal!  ;-)



Gail said...
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Gail said...


Oh the joys of pregnancy! ;) It's funny how our bodies can't decide what it likes. ;p. Now potting soil...that's a new one! I remember liking the heightened sense of smell during my pregnancies..past the first trimester or so. Kinda made me feel like a superhero with special powers. ;)

Love you Sis! Let's get together soon! Miss you!


P.S. Tell Aaron he can bring home the bacon so long as he doesn't fry it up. ;)