Monday, May 13, 2013

It's a GIRL!!! Our 3 Little Birds Gender Reveal Party!

This past Saturday we had our gender reveal party to share our sweet news with our families and friends.  Our theme was 3 Little Birds since this will be our third little bird added to our nest, and because the song, 3 Little Birds (by Bob Marley), is one of Johnathan's very favorite songs..."three little birds sit on my doorstep, singing sweet songs, melodies pure and true, saying this is my message to you...don't worry about a thing, cuz every little thing is gonna be alright."  Our subtle Jamaican theme also had special meaning to Aaron and I since we spent our honeymoon in might say that Jamaica is where our quest to add to our nest actually began!  ;-)

So many awesome people were able to help us celebrate (I think we had 40 people here!) and the quick version is this...It's a GIRL!!!  Woohoo!  Another boy would have been just great to add to our family, but a GIRL?!!  We're beyond excited that God chose to bless our family with a little bit of sugar and spice this time around.  AND, being the 8th grandchild (on my side) with only big brothers and cousins above her I know this little girl isn't going to lack for protection!  

We had a blast hosting everyone for this fun reveal.  I wish we would have taken more pictures during the course of the evening, but we were too busy having fun to do that.  The sequence of events was fairly simple...we ate lots of yummy food including fruit ka-bobs, apple slices with brown sugar cream cheese dip...YUMMY!!!...fresh, crunchy veggies with dip and of course Jamaican Jerk Chicken (something we loved eating in Jamaica!).  We played a few fun games and then headed outside to do the reveal.  

Aaron, the boys and I had all helped to make some cascarones which we used to tell everyone whether we were having a Boy or Girl.  We made a few dozen eggs with green confetti inside of them, and inside of just 1 of the eggs was the correct colored confetti...PINK!  

All our guests headed outside with the instructions to crack the confetti eggs open (on other guests heads of course, ha!) to find the ONE egg that held the correct color for the gender.  NO ONE knew at this point except for Aaron and I what the gender was, so it was pretty fun seeing everyone scramble (egg humor!) for the right egg.  It was pretty funny because almost all the eggs had been cracked and still just the green confetti was falling out.  Finally someone yelled "PINK" and I looked over and saw that the Gender Reveal Egg had been cracked and pink confetti was floating down!  Then it was just a chaos of hugs and everyone yelling, "PINK" & "It's a GIRL!"  Pretty fun stuff!

We did actually make an extra pink egg for a photo here's the "official photo" of our gender reveal (gotta love Aaron's Jamaican dreads!)...

We had a BLAST telling everyone this way, and now we can't wait to start planning for Baby Girl!  Woohoo!  It's going to be awesome!

Thanks to everyone for sharing our sweet night with us!  Love y'all!



Gail said...

I'm sooo happy for y'all! The party was so much fun and the cascarones gender reveal was so clever! Loved it!

Yay for a GIRL!!!


Greta said...

YAY for baby girl!! Such a fun party! I've noticed you've started pinning girly baby things now too since the cat is out of the bag ;)

Love you Gracie!!


pinepod said...

Congrats on having a little girl! My brother has 4 girls now and my other brother has 1 girl in heaven and 1 girl on earth and a boy on earth too.