Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We've Moved!

We have officially moved!...well, sort of!  :-)  We're still in the process of moving over some smaller things from our old house, but all the big stuff (i.e. furniture) is at our new place, and we're so happy to be in a home of our own!  You can see some of the house in the post below from Johnathan's birthday party.  AND after we're somewhat settled I'll show you the official pics of our new place!  Right now though just going through boxes unpacking them, taking care of our daily needs and getting in a bit of rest here and there is taking up all of my time.  So hold tight folks, you'll see it soon enough!

ALSO...a HUGE...thank you to those of you who were able to help us move...we are SO thankful for all the help we've received.  Y'all were AWESOME!!!

Last night Aaron and I were talking about how this place really does feel like home already.  You know how when you move it takes a bit of time to adjust and to feel like the place you live is your home and not just your house???...there IS a difference.  Anyways, this place completely feels like home, and we've only lived here for about 4 days!  Maybe it's because it's our first home purchase...maybe it's because we've already hosted a party here and have started to make some memories...or maybe it's because as soon as we got our house keys I ran over and began decorating it (that's normal right, to decorate before unpacking?!!)...but I kind of think that it's because this is the place that God had picked out for us, and if you're where God wants you it can't help to feel like home!

That's all for now, folks.  I'm off to unpack some more!


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Gail said...

So happy for you all. :) I like your comment about "if you're where God wants you, you can't help but feel at home". Love that.