Friday, July 26, 2013

Baby Sister Update: {31 Weeks}

Yesterday I had my weekly doctors appointment...I see my OB every two weeks and my perinatal specialist every two weeks on the off weeks so I end up going in weekly...anyways...all looked GREAT and at 31 weeks Baby Sister is measuring right on track!  My BP is awesome (it was 105 over 60 something yesterday) and I have gained just a bit over 25 pounds at this point.

We talked to my doctor about if/when I would need to get some steroid shots like I did with the boys to help with the baby's lung function should she come early.  At this point my doctor said things look so great that hopefully we'll be able to get by without it.  If I can make it to 35 weeks my doctor doesn't think we'll need to have them at all!  Also, we asked about when he would want to schedule my c-section...we never got to set a date with either of the boys since they both decided to make early arrivals, so potentially having a date "set" is exciting to think about.  My doc schedules his surgeries about a week in advance, so once we reach 37 weeks we'll have it scheduled...and my doc doesn't want me to go past 38 weeks because of my past complications.  So y'all, that means that baby sister will be arriving in 6-7 weeks...YIKES!  That seems so soon!  We can hardly wait!

Here are a few belly shots from the last couple of weeks to keep you updated on Sister's growth!

We can't wait to meet this precious little baby!  And we're so excited about how she will enrich our family!


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Ivy said...

grace, it is amazing how fast other peoples' pregnancies go! you are almost done! wow. and yay! can't wait to see her!