Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Iced In: A Blessing to Treasure

This past week has been crazy for Texas weather.  Last Wednesday the kids and I were out shopping, finishing up our Christmas gifts, and we were in t-shirts and shorts.  In December.  Not too crazy for Texas.  After all the weather can change on a dime.  Which it did.  Thursday ushered in some super chilly weather. The differences in Wednesday's and Thursday's high temps was about 40 degrees.  By Thursday night it had started sleeting/snowing/icing and it came down all night long.

Friday we woke up to a world of white.  And it was official, we were iced in!  All the local schools and most businesses were closed.  Aaron's office had shut for the day and we hunkered down for a nice, cozy weekend at home.  Aaron built a fire, and the boys, ecstatic about the "snow", were anticipating the promise of s'mores later on that day.  We all walked outside our home to see just what it looked like covered in nature's innocence.  It was so lovely.  There is just something so pure about seeing the world adorned with white.  It is like a fresh beginning.  So new and innocent.  Simple.

Our 3 days "snowed in" were beautiful.  It was like living the best day of your life on repeat.  We got up each morning and started a fire...which was kept going until we went to bed each cozy.  Coffee and breakfast was made (and eaten) and the boys went out for a morning romp in the ice.  I stayed in and made candles...a perfect little project don't ya think for when the weather is cold?! After lunch the boys would go outside again for a longer time of playing in the snow.  It was fun to get them all bundled up, they were so cute, the multiple layers just adding to the effect.

After their afternoon quest for the biggest, iciest hill to go down they'd tromp back home for roasted marshmallows...yum!  The afternoons were spent with Johnathan and Eli playing Legos on the coffee table.  3 days and they spent pretty much every waking moment not outside in the living room.  Playing with Legos and dominoes too.  Close by me as I created festive aromas in the kitchen.  Happy.  Healthy.  Beautiful boys.  It was paradise.  And Sister must be going through a growth spurt because she spent much of her days over the last week sleeping.  Rocking contentedly in her swing and occasionally going for a jump in her Jumperoo.  She's a little darling and makes every day better.

In the evenings after getting the kiddos to bed Aaron and I had fun watching movies and just hanging out.  Drinking warm cozy drinks by the fire and talking, enjoying the warmth and comfort of our home.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all like this.  And they were truly some of the happiest days that our little family has experienced.  I especially loved having all my babies close by, content to be near us and each other.  Johnathan and Eli really are such good buddies, and I love seeing them interact with each other...minus the occasional (and sometimes more than occasional) scuffle.  :-)  And having Aaron home for a long weekend was wonderful.  I always enjoy extra time spent with my man!

So being iced in really was a blessing.  Lots of good family time that I will cherish and treasure for years to come.

Happy December!


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