Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alligator Tears

Yesterday Johnathan had his 2 month vaccinations, and boy, did they do a number on him! He had 6 in all, 3 taken orally, and 3 in a shot form. All went pretty okay in the doctor's office...meaning he cried, but not too much. I almost cried seeing him there in pain, but was able to hold it together. Thanks to Aaron, I had to be the one standing there with Johnathan while he got poked. I wanted Aaron to be the one who Johnathan stared up to while being shot 3 times in his little legs, but no, I was the one that he looked up at. When I asked Aaron to stand with him he said, and I quote, "no, remember, I'm the fun one." Gee thanks, Aaron!

Anyways, once we got home yesterday after Johnathan's visit he did okay until about an hour after we got back, and then it was scream, scream, scream! The poor little guy cried until his voice got hoarse. It was so sad watching him cry out in pain. He would quiet down for a bit, but as soon as he moved his little legs he would cry again...huge alligator tears, let me tell you! Eventually (after about 5-6 hours) the Tylenol that we'd given him kicked in, and around 6:30 last night he started to feel better. I was SO glad that something was able to give him relief. It was so hard as a mommy to have to hold his precious little aching body and not be able to do anything about it.

All is well today (so far!), and he seems to be feeling almost 100%. This experience caused me to reflect back on my own childhood, and I remember the love and gentleness my parents showed me when I was feeling under the weather. When I would get sick, I remember my dad telling me that he wished that he could take all my pain and put it on himself. Yesterday, I felt that same desire, and would have taken Johnathan's pain for my own too if possible. I guess I now have even more appreciation for the care I was given as a child. This parenting stuff is not for the faint of heart! It is worth every second though, that's for sure.

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