Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bein' Neighborly

Last week I got a note in my mailbox from our neighbor next door saying that she'd like to come by for a visit...she didn't want to come by unannounced because of our "guard dog", BoBo, who seems to think that all visitors are threats to our safety. So, this afternoon after agreeing on what time for her to come over, I had a nice visit with Mrs. Carol Arnold. Johnathan was up and about, and was the topic of much of our conversation. She has a great-grandson who is about a week younger than Baby J. , so we were able to talk about him too and "brag" about both boys.

It was nice to get to know Carol a little better. I found out that she enjoys painting, and I have promised to go visit her sometime soon at her home to see her work. She also used to make jewelry and sell it at a local craft fair in years past, but has had to give it up because of her eyesight not being what it used to be. All in all we found out a lot about what we fill up our days with, and what we enjoy doing.

In Aaron news, he is on his last day of call (working 30 hours straight) for his current inpatient pediatrics rotation. It's been a long month for him, but as of tomorrow at noon, he'll be done! 2 rotations down, lots more to go, but we're getting the hang of this whole residency thing. Love y'all!

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Pine Pod Farm said...

It's nice to meet those nice and friendly neighbors! I see what my brother-in-law has to look forward to since he'll be doing residency work in 2 years, that is alot of hours to put in!