Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Little Jumper

This past weekend we bought Johnathan a baby jumper, and since our doorways are too wide for the traditional Johnny Jump Up, we got a new sophisticated Jumperoo! Johnathan LOVES it! It's so cute to watch him bounce up and down by his own efforts. The first time we put him in it he had the widest eyes as he realized that he could make himself move. He's been enjoying his jumper ever since, and jumps almost non-stop while in it. Even when he gets fussy, he still bounces away! As my brother-in-law Matt Sutphin says, "It's like frowning while you're skipping!"

We're really enjoying this more active phase of Baby J's life. He is rolling more, grabbing at toys and playing with them a lot, jumping in his new toy, putting EVERYTHING in his mouth, and he's much more talkative these days too. He also has started to eat rice cereal on a more regular basis. Our doctor recommended to begin it at 4 months, but we tried and Johnathan wasn't quite ready to master the whole swallowing food thing. Over the past week we've tried it out a few more times, and he seems ready to eat, and so we'll be adding that to his previous milk only diet. (Ooh, I am already not looking forward to the change in his poops! He's already had a few cereal poops, and they are unpleasant to say the least!)

Enjoy these latest pictures of our little man! We love you all!!!

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