Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Heaven Birthday, Sweet Gideon

Dear Gideon,

Hello, sweet son. Happy Heaven Birthday! As I woke early this morning to take care of your little brother, my thoughts were of you. It has been five years since you were ushered quietly into Heaven. Five years where not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Five years of wondering what you'd be like, who you'd look like and what your little voice would sound like. I miss you, I miss you so much. There is something very special about you, and I want you to know that you are so loved. Do you hear Mommy and Daddy tell you "I love you" every night? I hope so. The "I love yous" at the end of our prayer time each night will have to suffice until we can tell you in person. Oh, how wonderful that day will be.

We are already telling your little brother, Johnathan, about you. When J. is a little older and can understand more, we plan on having a birthday party on your birthday each year to celebrate your life. We'll have one on Daniel's birthday too. I can already tell you that you are going to influence your little brother in such a positive way. It will be so easy to be able to tell Johnathan about Heaven because he'll know that you're there. I know that he'll want to come to know Jesus, and I know that someday he'll get to meet you in person.

Gideon, you hold such a special place in my heart. You are the one who made me a mommy, and I treasure that more that you'll ever know. I love you so very much, and your daddy loves you so much too. You will always be the purest expression of our love for each other. You are so special, and you always will be.

I know that you're having a wonderful 5th birthday today. I bet the angels are throwing you a great party! Five years in the presence of The King, now that's pretty amazing! Give your brother Daniel a kiss from us and kiss your other siblings too! We love you, sweet son. Happy Birthday.

Mommy, Daddy & Johnathan


Alison said...

I dread reading these posts when I see them, because I can't imagine the pain you two must have gone through countless times. But as I read them, I realize that you are totally at peace with what life brought you in the past, partly because of the blessing you can now hold in your arms any moment you choose. I admire that you handled these terrible moments with such faith and peace.

By the way...we're having our second in April...found out today it's a boy. You should check out our blog sometime.

God Bless!

Precious Moments said...

Its so special how you remember your little ones. I think it will be so neat one day if you do the birthday celebrations like you were writing. Very special. Love, Tanna