Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Mr. Fun" Strikes Again!

If you've read my previous posts, you may remember the incident where Aaron declared he was the "fun one"...making me hold down Johnathan while he received a round of shots. Well, "Mr. Fun" has had another victory. In Johnathan's newly acquired and limited baby vocabulary, an age-old question has been answered...will he say "Dada" or "Mama" first?...well, Dada, of course! Yes, our dear boy has chosen to appease Mr. Fun by saying Dada!

Pretty much from the time of Baby J's birth, Aaron has been saying "say Da-da, say Da-da" over and over when playing with Johnathan. I started out a counter-attack by trying to influence Johnathan to say "Mama", but upon thinking further, I decided that I would try to help him out to say Dada maybe this is a victory for both of us! I'm not sure if Johnathan realizes what he is saying, since he says Dada in the same sentence as "baba" and "gaga" and so on, but it does sound sweet to hear an actual word coming out of his precious little mouth. Oh, and speaking of his mouth, he is about to add a tooth to that gummy little smile of his. He has been a little on the fussy side lately, and when I looked into his mouth yesterday, I saw a tooth that is right under the surface of his gums. Maybe by Christmas we'll have a one-tooth-wonder! Haha!

I can't wait to get to see so many of you who read this over the Christmas holiday. That reminds me...I had better get back to finishing up my gifts. I'm almost done! Hooray! Love y'all!


Amy said...

My now almost 7 year old niece said Dada first too right in her Mom's face and it was on her Mom's birthday too!

greta said...

Love you Gracie!
I can't wait to see you too!!

Greta/Aunt Buggie Boo

Gail said...

Ahhh....I can't wait to see my little nephew! Joy came into town yesterday and spent the day with us today, and as the Gaffin family was leaving tonight I just had to make sure they all saw the cute picture I got in the mail of Johnathan! I love the pic~ but I love him (and his parents) even more! See you soon and MERRY CHRISTMAS!