Friday, July 17, 2009

Cleaning & Candles

I like to clean...let me rephrase that, I love to clean. Yeah, I'm a weirdo, but I find amazing satisfaction in maintaining and having a clean home! I guess that's a good thing since I'm a homemaker - it would sort of stink if I hated my job! I love it though, and I have a little ritual that I perform when a room is clean. I love yummy scents...and I adore candles...especially the TYLER Candle Co. candles, they are the best! So, whenever I finished cleaning a particular room, I light a candle in it. I guess it is sort of my reward for a job well done. Occasionally I will light a candle in a "dirty" room, but then I feel like I'm cheating, so I get motivated to tidy it up and then enjoy the wonderful scents that fill the clean room.

Anyways, it may be a little odd, but that's what I do! Oh, and I love coordinating the scents with the room...for example, I enjoy fresh fruity or citrusy scents in the kitchen, but prefer warmer more mellow scents in the living room. The bathroom usually has a more floral/citrus scented candle, and the bedrooms almost always have a more perfumey smelling candle lit in them. I have also taken to creating some of my own scents using essential oils and aromatherapy. Most of the blends that I have come up with contain two or more of the following oils...Bergamot (love it!), Peppermint (so nice and fresh!), Clove (mmm, yummy!), Orange, Lime, Tangerine, Lemon (citrus heaven), Rose Absolute (okay, can we say delicious?!), Lavender (lovely!) and Cinnamon (delish!). It has been a lot of fun to play around with different oils and to see what happens when they blend together. My favorite mix so far has been a bergamot/rose absolute/orange blend. It smells quite heavenly, and fills the room very quickly with its aroma! Yum!

So now you know a little quirk of mine. Feel free to share some of your own! :)

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