Saturday, July 4, 2009

Making "Mema Plants"

Several years ago my grandma, Mema, gave me a Pothos plant that she had rooted and potted herself from one of her own plants. It was beautiful and the perfect plant for me since I was somewhat neglectful in watering it on a regular basis---Pothos are very forgiving though, and perk right up again once remembered!

Mema is a pro at "making" these lovely plants...and had at one point over 50 in her house - I counted! Her plants always look so beautiful, the leaves shiny and full. So, since Mema has such a green thumb when it comes to these, I lovingly refer to them as "Mema Plants." They remind me of her whenever I see them...which is quite often...and here's why...

...okay, back to my original plant from Mema...One day I decided to try out what Mema had told me, and so I snipped a few leaves and stems off and put them into a glass of water. And you know what?! Several days later I saw tiny little roots growing, reaching toward the bottom of the glass. After that first experience I was hooked, and now growing my "Mema Plants" has become almost an obsession. I love it. I love to watch them grow from little rootlings to being potted in a proper plant home. I love it so much that at last count (which was yesterday!) I have over 50 pothos in my own home now! 28 in permanent "homes" and 23 in glass jars, growing until they're ready to settle down for good too.

So, thank you Mema for starting me out on my own green thumb journey. You have helped to cultivate in me a love of growing things, and maybe someday my own grand-kids will fondly think of me whenever they see a "Mema Plant." I love you!

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Amy said...

How neat and fun!