Friday, July 31, 2009

My Style

For several years now I have been trying to define my decorating style. My trouble is that I have always liked way too many different things that don't necessarily fit into the "same" category. I used to love the New England/Americana, white and blue, lighthouses and such. That has been out the window for several years now, but I haven't really had the time/money to re-do my, I was still struggling with what exactly I wanted my home to look like. Well, in the last few weeks I have finally found my style...and it was a style that I was sort of leaning toward all along - I call it Country Cottage, and I am in love with it now! It's not country in the sense of chickens and pigs on dish towel with a cheesy saying, and it definitely doesn't include what you might think of as "traditional" country colors...navys, reds, golds and yellows. Nope, that's NOT my style. Country Cottage, as I define it, is a unique collection of antiques and new items that are soft on the eyes, and that make you feel like you're surrounded with peace and tranquility. Things that define your life, and things that make you feel at home. My new color palette for my home consists (or will consist) of classic whites and creams, my new favorite color-muted turquoise-, robin's egg blue, greens and browns to add a bit of masculine touch...I can't have Aaron living in a doll house! I love having a soft color palette with a few pops of color such as a bright coral or red...just the right amount of contrast to keep everything from becoming too mundane.

Currently I have "re-made" my dining room since it didn't need too much work. I didn't really add much, but the few touches that I was able to make have made me very happy. I have been working on the kitchen, and it is currently my favorite room in the house, but it still needs a little work to get to where I can call it finished. My next quest is our bedroom. I really want to brighten it up, and so I pretty much have to start from linens on the bed, and a few new accessories to tie my style together. I am getting really excited about decorating my home in a way that reflects me, and making it a place where others feel welcomed and like they belong. Some of the biggest challenges are 1) money...obviously I can't spend a fortune (actually I can't spend much at all!), so I have to be very wise with my choices and try to make things myself as I go. 2) We rent our home, so I can't really make any cosmetic changes to the actual house, I can just add to what is already here. 3) Baby-friendliness! There is a lot that I would love to do but just can't because, well, we have a toddler who loves to get into everything! So I have to consider that when making my changes.

Anyways, I just thought I would share my discovery! I am always striving toward making a home that Aaron loves to come back to, and a place that encourages and uplifts Johnathan to be the boy and man that he will become some day. Of course, how my home is decorated does not largely play a roll in those things, but if I can make my heart as "homey" as my house, then maybe I will be in a place that allows me to overflow into others' lives. I sure hope so!


The Allen Family said...

I definitely understand about renting....we are renting too and it is frustrating sometimes because I want to buy things to make it look nice, but we can't really do much and there is always the chance we might have to move out next year!!

Aldape family said...

Your new style sounds great! I love the country cottage style! You should check out your Goodwill store and local garage sales I do lots of shopping would be amazed at what some paint and a sander will do to an outdated piece of furniture! Also a tip is to remove the drawers from a desk or dresser and replace them with baskets this gives a cottage feel. Oh,I could go on and on about decorating! Remember that it does not have to be perfect to be beautiful! It is the family, fellowship and memories that make a home beautiful.Have fun!
Love ya
Oh and I always find lots of great deals and stuff at Ross and TJ Maxx! They have great high quality linens for a great bargain.

Aldape family said...

oh and visit! I totally stalk this blog. It will make you want to paint every wall white, buy white couches and linens and paint your cabinets black. She does a lot of thrifty shopping as well.