Friday, November 6, 2009

Chili Dogs, Halloween, Grammy & a Haircut - - - oh, and Corny Dogs Too!

Man, a lot has gone on since I last posted about our sweet Johnathan! Here is a quick run-down.......

1) He had his very 1st Chili Dog---he's enjoyed many a hot dog, but never the full-blown chili variety, so we had to remedy that! And, just like Aaron, he has a new favorite (messy!) meal!

2) We went to a bowling party the weekend of Halloween, and I made Johnathan a cute little pirate costume (from scratch!) for the costume contest---where he won "1st Place" for the Cutest Costume! I was really happy that the bowling alley even had a nifty little ramp so that little kids could bowl too...Johnathan LOVED pushing the big heavy ball down the ramp!

3) Grammy came into town!!! We had a wonderful time with my mom (AKA, Grammy!) and enjoyed a bit of eating out, shopping, hanging out at home & at my aunt's place...and of course no visit to CC is complete without a trip to the aquarium! We love you, Grammy! Thanks for coming to visit!

4) Johnathan got his second hair-cut while Grammy was here to help distract him! Haha! I did this one myself (trying to remember how my sweet sister Gloria had managed to give him such a nice cut back in August). I have to admit, I am pretty pleased with my first attempt at cutting his hair, and I am proud thinking of all the money I'll save on hair cuts in the future!

5) Lastly, I just had to take a few pics of Johnathan enjoying a corny dog. He was too cute eating it, and dipping it into his ketchup---which he LoVes! He is certainly turning into an all-American boy when it comes to his favorite food choices! ;)

Getting tips from the "Chili Dog Master", aka Dada!

Picking the "dog" out of the chili, the boy loves his meat!

What a little cutie!

Can you tell that he's liking it?!!!

Silly, Messy, Chili-Dog Boy!

Getting ready for the costume contest...I made the shirt & pants out of some left-over fabric that I had bought to make some pillows.

Dada putting on the infamous pirate eye-patch!

Duct-tape pulls through again in the form of a sword!

No pirate is complete without his orange "cannon ball!"

This has got to be my favorite pirate picture!

Surprisingly, he kept his eye-patch on for several minutes!

Watch out! This is one tough little dude!

Playing at the bowling alley.

He was in awe of all the bowling balls!

Taking a try at it all by himself!

Looking at the fish in the aquarium with Grammy.

"Fish, fish, fish." He kept repeating that over and over again. He is really into fish right now!

Mama and Monkey, posing in front of the Nemo & Dory tank.

Sweet little profile, watching the dolphin show.

Getting ready to touch the sting rays!

Hair cut! Don't I look all professional in my PJ's?!! Haha! Not!

Cute cut, if I do say so myself!

Corny dog boy! Too cute!

That corny dog is as big as half his face! Haha!

Checking out the goods!

Getting some more yummy ketchup! Mmm, good!


Gail said...

I love all the sweet photos! He's so cute! Great job on the haircut, too! I used to cut Matt's hair but I took too long at it (I was a perfectionist and he was impatient) so he now gets his hair cut at hair place. Oh well, I tried!

Hugs to you...glad you had a fun time with Mom!



Kristi said...

What a cute costume!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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