Friday, November 20, 2009

"I Wuh Woo"

Johnathan has been getting really affectionate over the last couple of weeks. Usually this is in the form of spontaneous hugs and kisses, offered up by the sweetest little arms and lips this side of Heaven. Today however was the first time that he has vocalized his love...well, at least those three little words that every parent loves to hear...I love you!

Aaron was heading off to catch up on some rest and had made a quick stop into the living room to tell Johnathan and me that he loved us. We were given a few hugs & Johnathan doled out his special little boy kisses to the daddy that he adores, and then as Aaron turned to go back to our room he said I love you to the both of us. As he rounded the corner to our room Johnathan replied with..."I wuh woo!" Isn't that just precious?!! I have been waiting to hear those words for quite some time as Johnathan is becoming more and more of a talker these days---of course his speech requires a bit of interpretation, but I am almost always able to figure out what he's saying. As soon as I heard him utter those 3 sweet words my heart immediately melted. It was just beautiful!

So, in the words of Johnathan---"I Wuh Woo" all, and I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday!

P.S. Tomorrow the old man turns 30! Haha! Can you believe?!!


KPE said...

Precious!! What a blessing!

Dad / Grandpa said...


What a sweet blessing you've written so beautifully.

I wuh woo, twoo!

Anonymous said...

So sweet and precious!


Precious Moments said...

Too sweet!!!

I am glad that Aarons 30th birthday went well. You two are very special!