Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

Aaron had to work all day it was just me and Johnathan...and Belly Baby...who headed over to my Aunt Jen's for Easter lunch. We had a wonderful time with the family, and enjoyed spending part of our Resurrection Day with them.

Mama with Belly Baby...28 Weeks today!!!

Mama & Monkey...I tried to get him to smile...

...but had to settle for just seeing this cute face instead!
Out in the yard, cracking open all of the eggs...luckily they were empty/for decoration only!!!

He loved all the pretty eggs!

We got to practice all of the names of the colors as he picked up egg after egg!



There were so many to play with!!! Lots of fun!

I love you, Monkey, Happy Easter!

We hope each of you has remembered what today truly symbolizes...that Jesus, who came down to earth to save us, died, was buried and then ROSE UP FROM THE GRAVE!!! Death had no power over Him, and because of that we all have the chance to live for eternity with HIM!!! Thank you, Jesus!

Blessings on this Easter Sunday!


goatpod2 said...

Happy Easter! He is risen indeed! Enjoyed the pictures.


Gail said...

You look beautiful...and Johnathan looks so sweet in his little outfit. :) Happy Easter (one day late) to you all!

Love you,


P.S. (3 more days!)